SED Provision Of PERs & Promotion Of BS 16-19 Notification

The Directorate of Public Instructor (SED) Punjab issued a notification regarding the Provision of the PER’s 2022 and the Result for the Promotion of Officers from scale BS-16 to BS-19. The Directorate notified all Chief Executive Officers (DAE) and District Education Officers (SE) and notified the seniority Numbers of the employees.

SED Provision Of PERs & Promotion Of BS 16-19 Notification

SED Provision Of PERs & Promotion

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Seniority Number to PERs of Officers

Scale/Category Gender Upto Seniority Numbers
BS-16 to BS-17 Male SST Upto 31.12.1996 along with deferred cases.
Female SST Upto 31.12.1993 along with deferred cases.
BS-17 to BS-18 Male Sty. No.01 to 243 (Defer Cases) & Sty. No.244 to 800 (Fresh Cases
Female Sty. no.01 to 250 (Defer Cases) & Sty. No.244 to 770 (Fresh Cases)
BS-18 to BS-19 Male Sty. no.01 to 209 (Defer Cases) & Sty. no.210 to 850 (Fresh Cases)
Female Sty. no.01 to  134 (Defer Cases) & Sty. no.135 to 600 (Fresh cases)
BS-19 to BS-20 Male Sty. no.01 to 207 (Defer cases) & Sty. no.208 to 280 (Fresh Cases)
Female Sty. No.01 to 70 (Defer Cases) & Sty. No. 71 to 100 (Fresh Cases)

The Directorate directs DEOs to come in person on 04.05.2024 at 11:00 AM along with the PERs mentioned above/records in the office chamber or director Public Instructions.

Promotion on Scales from BS-16 to BS-19 results

The Directorate of Public Instructions Punjab requires DEOs and CEOs to submit the PERs & results for 2022. CEOs and DEOs from every district in Punjab must provide the results of PERs and PER of employees who are being promoted. The CEOs and DEOs have to supply the PERS as well as the results of the officers who are being promoted in the following categories:

  • From BS-16 to BS-17
  • From BS-17to BS-18
  • From BS-18 to BS-19
  • From BS-19 to BS-20

Date for Submission of PER/record

The Directorate of Public Instructions also requires DEOs to report personally to meet on 04.05.2023 at 11:00 AM, with the above-mentioned records/PERs to the office chamber, or director Public Instructions (SE(, Punjab, Lahore.

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