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PPSC Lecturer Jobs Past Papers PDF Free Download (All Subjects Related previous papers).PPSC Chemistry Past Papers Download pdf format and Mock Tests, Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC Past papers for Lectureship PPSC Professor MCQs in PDF Punjab Public Service Commission Previous Papers for Lecturers.PPSC Lecturer Jobs Past Papers PDF We offer the most comprehensive materials to help you prepare. You are all trying to fulfill your ambitions together with your instructor. It’s time to ensure that you’re not missing any assignments that go over all the syllabus and exercises.

PPSC Chemistry Past Papers To assist you in preparing we have provided you with the most crucial MCQs and the past year’s answer papers and the questions of the forthcoming work test. These questions can help you know the kind of question as well as how difficult the test.Many vacancies have been advertised via PPSC for lecturers in all disciplines.

Females and males are eligible to apply for any subject provided they have at least at least 16 years of experience in their chosen field. If you are planning to be able to pass this Master Level Subject-wise Test which is conducted by PPSC and hope to be selected, female and male applicants should prepare from the past papers we’ve shared with you PPSC Lecturer jobs Past Papers PDF.

PPSC Chemistry Past Papers Download pdf Below Links Given

Syllabus for Lecturer Chemistry PPSC Preparation(From BSc)


1.Periodic trends
2. Transition elements
3. Chemical bonding
4. Acids and bases
5. Reactions of Ionics in solution
6. Chemistry of nuclear reactions
7. Chromatography
8. Carbon and Silicone
9. Solvent Extraction
10. Chemical industries


1. Solids,gases,liquids
2. Colloids
3. Chemical Kinetics
4. Chemical equilibrium
5. Thermodynamics
6. Quantum mechanics
7. Electrochemistry
8. Solutions
9. PHase rule
10. Catalysis


1.Basic concepts
2. Hydrocarbons (Alkanes,Alkenes, Alkynes,Benzene)
4. Aldehydes and Ketones
5. Carboxylic Acids
6. Hetrocyclic compounds
7. Natural products
8. Sterioisomerism
9.Basics of Spectroscopy (Mass,NMR,IR/UV)
10 Synthetic polymers

(From FSc)

All Chapters from the 1st and 2nd Years Text Book)

PPSC Roll No Slip 2024 Download by CNIC

Chemistry Lecturer PPSC Past Papers PDF Important MCQs

In the near future, you can get your PPSC Professor Chemistry Solved Past Papers and MCQs PDF on our online site. All papers have been completed and will help readers with a simple reading experience and receive good marks for the exam. Download Here Chemistry most essential MCQs to help you prepare for PPSC Test Preparation to earn marks.


If you’d like to learn more, you can submit similar to these test talks on Our blog page. PPSC has also announced the openings of Lecturer Chemistry subjects and those who have completed a master’s qualification in Chemistry are qualified to apply for this job. In order to prepare for your exam you can download an example of PPSC Chemistry lecturer past papers with answers in PDF format which you can download and browse online.

PPSC Lecturer Jobs past Papers Solved Pdf 2024

We recommend that candidates do not rely solely on these exam papers however, they should also take the tests on their own. The past test papers will aid in understanding the patterns. Learn the following ESE, SESE, SSE exam questions to boost the confidence of test takers and increase the level of confidence for the test.

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 Mcqs Chemistry From Past Papers For Lecturer Exams
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 9th Chemistry Important Short Questions Pdf
 Electrochemistry Notes For Lecturer
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 PPSC-FPSC-(Lecturer- Chemistry)-Solved-Mcqs-Preparation-Notes -Part-1
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 PPSC Lecturer Chemistry Past Paper
 Chemistry Lecturer Short Notes & MCQs
 Multiple Choice In Chemistry
 Instant Notes In Inorganic Chemistry
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 Introduction To Organic Chemistry
 Chemistry 9th
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The Punjab Public Service Commission has made public ESE, SESE, SSE jobs in the field of education Lecturers work (male/female). Candidates who have completed the application form are seeking preparatory materials, syllabus samples and past essays, and guidelines for work tests for teachers. Here are some questions from the past ESE, SESE, SSE tests.We are sure that these sample papers will prove very useful for teachers in the coming years of PPSC and EST ESE Mathematics, Science, Urdu, and English.

Why Past Papers are Important

The previous exams can assist you in preparing for the test and enhance your understanding of the area. If you can identify your weak points you can work to strengthen them.

It is important to know how the previous chemical tests were scored while preparing for exams. This way you will be able to identify areas that need improvement prior to the test so that you won’t be overwhelmed when it comes time to take the exam.

The best method to prepare for the chemistry tests is to take as many practice tests as you can. Previous papers can be found on this site.

We have posted all subjects’ old papers in pdf format to prepare you for Education Jobs 2024. Papers from the past are provided within this post for educators of all subject areas like Physics, Chemistry, English, and Mathematics in accordance with the various scales such as ESE, SESE, SSE and AEO.

PPSC Past Papers Lecturer Chemistry

Punjab Public Service Commission Lecturer positions are among the most attractive and most lucrative Jobs that are advertised across the Punjab Province of Pakistan. The PPSC Lecturer positions are best opportunities for those who have completed their masters or graduation in any field. Lecturer positions in Punjab are available to those with a degree or master’s degree in any arts or science discipline.

This article will give you with the PPSC Lecturer Chemistry past papers and the most frequently-repeated MCQs in the earlier papers. The past papers offered on this website are the most reliable and reliable source of information for preparing to take the Punjab Public Service Commission Lecturer Tests. Candidates who take their time going through and create these question papers for Lecturer Chemistry will will be successful in their written test. These past papers for lectures can assist you in clearing the PPSC interview.

PPSC Chemistry Professor Jobs in 2024 the syllabus/pattern

Download this PPSC Chemistry syllabus on the official PPSC website by clicking on the below link. The syllabus is official Chemistry syllabus, and it can be used in post-lecture posts too.

The very first and first step in exam preparation once you have applied in the first place is to find out from where the test is to be conducted. By that, It is important to know the syllabus. Here is the an ppsc lecturer’s chemistry syllabus for the ppsc lecturer exams in 2024. The syllabus for the Chemistry lecturer can be found at the website for educators of the ppsc. However, you can download it here. Ppsc Chemistry lecturer syllabus composed of three main components: Organic inorganic, Inorganic and physical chemical. The Ppsc lecturer’s syllabus is a pdf file that you can download by clicking the download button to download it for no cost. The download will start soon after:

PPSC Lecturer Chemistry Syllabus

Subjective Based Questions 80%
General Based Questions 20%
General Based Topics
General Knowledge
Pakistan Studies
Current Affairs
Basic Mathematics
Everyday Science and Basic Computer Studies

How to Download PPSC Solved Past Paper Chemistry?

Solved Past Paper PPSC PUNJAB PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION Chemistry For Lecturer Jobs 2024?

Chemistry test preparation is possible to download the Chemistry test book in PDF and notes click below button. If you’d like to download more PDF notes or books then write a note. Thanks

The following article will discover:

  • Chemistry educators are in demand for jobs
  • The importance of past papers
  • Chemistry past papers and teacher’s notes in pdf

PPSC Lecturer Chemistry Solved Past Papers PDF

Click here to download the PDF documents from this Chemistry lecturer and begin making preparations for the test.


Candidates should be organized to be ready for the PPSC teacher test. Now you can prepare for your instructor jobs 2024 on this page as we provide online arrangement materials that incorporates online test. Additionally, you will find PPSC online test practice on this page , so you will be able to review your preparation for the exam.

Punjab Public Service Commission Lecturer Jobs Past Papers. The importance of books in preparation for exam or test cannot be overlooked. In the same way, the helpful Books are essential for PPSC Chemistry Lecturers Test 2020, are the most effective way to get through. So, we’ve assembled a selection of the best books to aid in PPSC Chemistry Lecturers Exam preparation. You can download them all in the table below, simply click on a specific book and the download page will appear before you!

PPSC Chemistry Lecturers Past Papers & Guide Download / View
PPSC Chemistry Lecturers Past Papers 2015 Download / View
PPSC Chemistry Lecturers Past Papers Solved Download / View
PPSC Chemistry Lecturers Short Notes & MCQs Download / View
1st Year Chemistry Complete Book Solved MCQ Download / View

Candidates are also able to Download Punjab Public Service Commission past exams and teacher job planning books in pdf format from this page. PPSC speaker positions 2024 experiment results will be posted here. You can check your PPSC test result using your name and roll number as well.

PPSC Model Papers 2024

Model papers for PPSC 2024 by the advanced publisher Imtiaz Shahahid. PPSC past papers MCQs solved. The most advanced PPSC model papers by Imtiaz Shahahid pdf for download free of charge. Are you struggling to get through the PPSC exams? Do you struggle to pass the PPSC exams? Imtiaz Shahid’s no-cost PPSC Model Papers, which are available here at Todayjobs.pk, we have the solution that you’ve been seeking!

Download Model Papers

Find out what exactly is expected on your test and become comfortable with answering questions on every area. If you’re the first time taking exams , or you’ve already taken them before, our test exams will assist you in learning what to do to enhance your test-taking skills , so you’ll be able to pass with high marks.


This is the whole point of PPSC Chemistry Lecturers’ Papers, Books Notes on MCQs. Making preparations for your PPSC Chemistry Lecturers isn’t an easy task, but If you approach it the correct way there is no reason not to be able to succeed. Make sure you have everything prepared to your class and general knowledge.

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