New Free Digital School In Karachi 2024 For Girls To Learn Programming

According to the news, Syed Amin-Ul- Haq, Federal Minister for Telecommunications and Information Technology has opened New Free Digital School In Karachi in 2024. The school was opened in Karachi’s Orangi Town.

He expressed his joy that Orangi Town girls would learn to program and receive digital training. Learning programming and other skills is a great skill to have for youth in the digital age.

According to the Minister, the CS Programming course will allow girls to earn $80- $150 an hour online.

New Free Digital School In Karachi 2024 For Girls To Learn Programming

New Free Digital School In Karachi

He stated that there was no mobile phone manufacturing company in the country, despite the fact that 29 companies continue to help consumers make money with low-cost phones.

Telecom Foundation Regional Head, Mr. Azam Khan stated that there are no tuition fees for this training and that girls will receive free training at this digital School in Orangi Town.check also  Benefits of Working and Earning Online In Pakistan.

The Head also stated that the School would continue to take initiatives in Orangi Town. This training will empower girls and help them to succeed in the world. Youth are now more interested in freelancing and learning skills to make more on the global market. Karachi New Digital School will offer programming classes for girls at no cost to them

With the support of the Telecom Foundation and Sindh Education Commission, Karachi opened its first digital school.


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