NBP Salary Package 2024 Bank Employees Salaries

The webpage will include the NBP Salary Package 2024  for Bank Employees. Salaries will be discussed on this page, which is largely not known to people who are not employed by the government-owned institution. Each time you conduct a study NBP Salary Package 2024 National Bank of Pakistan you will be able to determine the salary estimation. It is important to take the moment to keep updated with the specialized aspect in order to understand the manner in which you can evaluate the NBP salary package 2024. People who are willing to make their work as relevant as possible, there is will always be a fresh approach to give.

NBP Salary Package 2024 Bank Employees Salaries

NBP Salary Package 2024 

How Much Does the National Bank of Pakistan Pay?

The National Bank of Pakistan pays an average of $60,000 annually or $29.18 per hour. National Bank of Pakistan pays those who are in the lowest 10 percent of employees $29,000 per year, and most of the highest 10 percent of the population over 126,000. Your job field will affect your pay in the National Bank of Pakistan too. 

The highest-paying organizational functions within the National Bank of Pakistan are engineering, in which employees receive an average wage of $92,328 annually and workers earn an average pay of $74,109. The location of the bank can affect the salary of employees of the National Bank of Pakistan as well. Based on our research, National Bank of Pakistan employees working in New York, NY, and Chicago, IL get paid the highest.

Salaries By Department At National Bank Of Pakistan





Average National Bank of Pakistan Salary


Hourly Rate


1 Engineering $92,328 $44.39
2 IT $74,109 $35.63
3 Finance $59,648 $28.68
4 Administrative $39,357 $18.92
5 Customer Service $36,219 $17.41
6 Retail $32,893 $15.81


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