National Textile University NTU Faisalabad Admission 2024

Admissions are now open to the National Textile University Faisalabad 2024. This admissions announcement will inform you which courses will be offered in the NTU session 2024, and the date for application for admission to the National Textile University Faisalabad. Becoming enrolled in NTU is the goal of each student, and what they are studying is surely a good thing because NTU is among the top universities in Pakistan and around the globe with a good reputation in the world of textiles and students. Admissions for the year 2024 are now open at the National Textile University (NTU) in Faisalabad. This admission announcement provides information about the courses offered by NTU for the 2024 session, as well as the deadline for submitting admission forms to the university. Enrolling in NTU is a coveted goal for students, and those who have the opportunity to study there are undoubtedly fortunate. NTU is renowned both in Pakistan and worldwide for its excellent reputation in the textile industry and for producing successful students.

Please refer to the following details regarding NTU’s fee structure, admission deadline, undergraduate and postgraduate program information, as well as the list of engineering and non-engineering programs available. Additionally, you will find information about the various short courses and job opportunities offered by NTU in the paragraphs below.

National Textile University NTU Faisalabad Admission 2024

National Textile University NTU Faisalabad Admission

National Textile University NTU Faisalabad Admission Complete Guideline

The following courses are offered by NTU with eligibility criteria fees, eligibility criteria, and how to apply to be admitted. The full guide to the admission process, eligibility criteria application form merit list 2024, NTU admission test, and more. It will be very beneficial to you to have all relevant information all in one location.

How To Apply Online for National Textile University Faisalabad Admissions 2024:

Candidates who are interested should know interested applicants are informed that National Textile University, Faisalabad admissions are open. You are able to submit your application at the earliest possible time. A detailed application procedure for Pakistanis from the local and overseas and international Students eligibility criteria and how to apply online and contact details are provided in the official announcement of the institute below. The advertisement can be found on their official website

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NTU Faisalabad Fee Structure 2024

BS Programs Tuition fee for 1st semester Total dues of 1st semester
Textile Engineering Rs. 21,500/- Rs. 67,850/-
Textile Technology Rs. 30,500/- Rs. 76,850/-
Apparel Merchandising
Polymer Engineering Rs. 30,500/- Rs. 76,850/-
Software Engineering Rs. 30,500/- Rs. 76,850/-
Computer Science Rs. 30,500/- Rs. 76,850/-
Business Administration Rs. 30,500/- Rs. 76,850/-
Textile Management & Marketing Rs. 30,500/- Rs. 76,850/-
Textile Design & Technology Rs. 30,500/- Rs. 82,850/-
Fashion Design & Technology Rs. 30,500/- Rs. 82,850/-

National Textile University NTU Faisalabad Admission 2024 Deadline

The last day to apply to the National Textile University (NTU) Faisalabad Admission 2024 closes on the 15th of October 2024.

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Programs Detail for NTU Faisalabad Admission

The most prestigious institution of education in the field of textiles in the nation is the National Textile University (NTU) has opened applications to anyone who would like to join the institute by gaining admission to any of its master’s degree postgraduate programs. According to the most recent announcement by the authority that oversees the institution, NTU is offering admissions for the following programs currently.

  • Ph.D. Textile Engineering
  • Ph.D. Chemistry
  • Ph.D. Computer Science
  • MS Mathematics
  • MS Textile Engineering (2-year program in the evening)
  • MS Advanced Materials Engineering (2-year evening program)
  • MS Computer Science (2-year program for evenings)
  • MBA (3.5 years)
  • MBA or MS (1.5 years)
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Eligibility requirements of NTU

The eligibility requirements of NTU for postgraduates and graduates are also published on the official website of the university. It is required to complete 16 years of schooling for instance BS degree such as a BS in Computer Science or a BS in Information Technology or equivalent to a degree of 16 years.

Additionally, it is required to have a minimum 2.00 CGPA out of 4.00 or First Division. Additionally, it is mandatory to be able to pass the NTU-GAT exam conducted at The National Textile University with a minimum 50% score. Candidates must not be registered at any other institution as a student yet. The above requirements apply to admission to the MS program. Your CGPA in the Bachelor’s degree program is also important for admission.

The scholarship program from National Textile University:

NTU also has a scholarship program for students who have a strong academic background and also for students who are deserving. Master and Bachelor programs are eligible for scholarships. For bachelors, the first position in the class with a CGPA higher than 3.05 is mandatory.

This will result in no tuition fees in the next semester. It is also available for students who are in the 2nd or 3rd place with a CGPA higher than 3.05. For graduate students, NTU provides scholarships linked to Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) Scholarships (Post Graduate level). The criteria for this scholarship is a 2.5 CGPA or 60% mark for a bachelor.


How can I get admission to NTU Faisalabad?

You can apply for admission to NTU Faisalabad through the university’s online application portal. The application process includes submitting your academic transcripts, test scores, and a personal statement. You will also need to pay an application fee.

Is NTU admission open?

Yes, admission to NTU Faisalabad is open for the 2024 academic year. The application deadline is July 31, 2024.

Is NTU Faisalabad public or private?

NTU Faisalabad is a public university. It is funded by the government of Pakistan.

Does NTU accept NTS?

Yes, NTU Faisalabad accepts NTS scores for admission. The NTS is a national-level standardized test that is used to assess the academic abilities of prospective students.

NTU Faisalabad Contact Info

Address: National Textile University, Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad-37610 Pakistan
Email: [email protected]
Tell: 041 9230090

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