Medical Courses After Matric in Pakistan

This web page provides lists of all the medical courses provided to students after matriculation in Pakistani colleges and universities. So that you may obtain this knowledge without wasting any more time. Every single parent in Pakistan hopes that their child will become a doctor or an engineer after completing their education, but admission to MBBS is not as simple as it may seem because there are so few medical colleges in Pakistan with such a small number of seats, and only a select few students will be able to obtain them.

However, what happens if you are not able to obtain admission to MBBS? Yes, many of us students are unaware of these courses, but they are all relevant to the medical field. If you are not able to become a doctor, keep your interest in medicine alive by enrolling in one of the medical courses listed below, which can be started after matriculation as well as after Intermediate education. People who passed their matriculation in science are now looking for the following list of medical programs in Pakistan.

Medical Courses After Matric in Pakistan

Medical Courses After Matric

Short Medical Medical Courses After Matric in Pakistan

Both men and women are currently eligible to register for a variety of short medical courses in Pakistan. Students, however, are unaware of short courses. The list of quick medical courses in Pakistan is also included here.
Medical assistant, dental assistant, certified cardiac monitor technician, phlebotomist, pharmacy technician, surgical technologist, neurodiagnostic technologist
Students need not worry any longer if they are unable to enroll in the MBBS program because there are many other options available to them, all of which are listed above on this page. 


You may select the dispenser’s course. Following matriculation in 2024, this program stands at the top of the list of medical courses in Lahore. You will learn how to read a doctor’s prescription and hold a cold dispensary at a hospital through this training. Additionally, you can work as a dispenser in any drugstore or medical store. After a student completes a dispenser course offered by one government college or institute, there are several others. Matric


To achieve your dream to select the greatest medical programs in Lahore 2024 following Matric, you may also select Pharmacy. You will be in a better position to acquire information and expertise about all drugs with the aid of this medical course. The greatest job for this education is in the medical field, and a pharmacy diploma holder has better career-building prospects.

Nursing Programs:

Hospitals provide nursing programs for girls. Newspapers offer information on nursing programs and employment opportunities for graduates. It is clear that it is currently one of the most popular medical degrees in today’s society. So enroll today in nursing courses if you’re a lady and wish to choose a respectful setting.

Courses for medical technicians

This is also an excellent choice for you among the medical programs available in Lahore following matriculation in 2024. A blood test, X-ray operator, and other medical tests may be performed in medical laboratories with the help of medical technician training. Medical technician positions are offered at a variety of hospitals. Students can do this by joining any medical lab, and afterward, they can join hospitals to obtain their medical technician certification.

Operation Theater Assistant

(OTA) The technician is another useful short course offered following matriculation in which students learn about the equipment and procedures used in operating rooms, as well as how to sterilize them. OTA is useful for both boys and girls and these days, hospitals directly hire OTAs with a private application, so you may apply for this job by going to the hospital.
It is clear that there are a wide variety of medical degrees available in Lahore in 2024 following matriculation. Therefore, once you have completed this matriculation program, be sure to apply for admission to one of these medical programs. Keep checking back because we’ll be providing real-time information on other medical courses.

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