Lahore School of Fashion Designing Admission 2023 Last Date

You will know more about the Lahore School of Fashion Designing, Admission 2023, from this highly regarded website. Lahore School of Fashion Designing is a renowned design school situated in the gorgeous area of Garden Town Lahore. This reputable institution earned its mark on the top 10 list of Fashion Designing Institute not just in Asia but all over the globe.

Lahore School of Fashion Designing Admission 2023 Last Date

Lahore School of Fashion Designing Admission

Lahore School of Fashion Designing Admission 2023

Anyone looking for admission into this Lahore Fashion Institute school for design is in luck. They have made entries available for the current year 2023 in fashion design and graphic designing as well as textile designing, interior designing, and Fine Arts. Students who wish to apply for admission can be admitted to short courses or extended B.S. programs and pursue specifications in fashion.

 eligibility criteria

They can apply for admission into this world-class school. It is required for level students to complete A levels with at least 50 percent marks. Diploma holders from abroad can apply for admission to the institution. The applicant must present an IBCC equivalent certificate in the event of an international diploma.

Lahore School Of Fashion Design Admission 2023

The primary aspect of this program is that it provides an exciting opportunity to play in, study, and assess. This course is a vital basis for students who wish to pursue a master’s degree at any of the four schools within the institute. The teaching method lets students understand the design process through seminars, lectures, hands-on studio interactions, a study of market trends, groups, and even projects.

Facilities on campus:

  • Air conditioning campus
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cafeterias
  • Conference Room
  • Multimedia
  • Computer Labs
  • Baskets as well as outdoor sporting facilities

Lahore Fashion School Designing

  • Fashion Designing
  • Designing for Textiles
  • Interior Design
  • Fine Arts
  • Graphic Designing
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Designing Shoes

 Short Courses

We have provided all courses available at Lahore School of Fashion, and should they start new techniques, we will notify the students.

Last Day to Apply

The management at Lahore School of Fashion Designing has not yet announced the application date. However, we’ll publish it on this page if they do.
Application Procedure:

Admission Criteria

First, F.A/ F.Sc/ A-Level (Minimum three subjects without a subsidiary) (or equivalent) (Minimum 50 percent marks). Students waiting for
Second, the results are qualified to be considered for admission in a provisional manner. In the next step, Equivalence certificates during the interview.
Applicants must show up if they apply for the position based on any other exam than F.Aor F.Sc.
It is also the form of a mandatory test for admission, which is followed by an interview.

Cost Structure

  • In Rupees
  • Fee for Registration/Reg. Charge (Once upon admission) 10.000
  • Secure Deposits Once(Refundable) 10.000
  • Tuition Cost Per Semester The tuition fee is 88,200.
  • Health Fee per Semester: 775
  • Cost of Workshops Per Semester 1 000
  • Other Fees Per Semester 1500
  • Furthermore, Exam Fee Per Semester 1 000
  • Financial Aid is available to deserving students.
  • Additionally, Hostel charges Rs. $10,000 each month (Furnished and equipped with A.C., T.V., and refrigerator). If you use A.C., the total amount for April, June, May, and April will be split based on the number of students in the Hostel.
  • Hostel charges Rs. 6,500 per month (UN-furnished)
  • Hostel mess Charges Rs. $3500 per calendar monthly (to pay to Hostel Warden)
  • In addition, Transport costs are Rs. 3, 000 per month.

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