Lahore Postal Code Numbers 2024 Complete Guide

This is a listing of all Lahore GPO Postal codes Zip codes, and postcodes as well as all the other information you require. This table comprises Lahore Delivery Post Office Name or Non-Delivery Names of Post Offices along with the attached Branch Office Post Codes for Lahore. Are you searching for postal codes for Lahore? Do not look further! In this article, we’ll provide all you need to be aware of Lahore postcode numbers for 2024. The postal codes comprise a set of letters and numbers used by postal services to identify the exact location of an address. They are crucial for accurate and efficient postage delivery. Lahore is the capital of Pakistan, which is the capital city of Pakistani provincial province, Punjab is home to several postal code numbers that are assigned to different regions.

Lahore Postal Code Numbers

The Area Postal Code is: Just a couple of weeks ago we noticed that a lot of people do not know their Lahore postal code (or zip code). Moreover, they have a lot of difficulty in locating the area Lahore postal zip code, or postal code in particular students who want to get their documents by physical mail or through different courier services. So, let’s collect information about the Lahore postal code or Lahore Zip code.

Lahore Postal Code Numbers 2024 Complete Guide

What is a Lahore Postal Code?

Lahore Postal Codes are a set of six digits, which indicate the exact location of an area in Lahore. These codes are utilized by Pakistan Post, the national postal service of Pakistan in order to deliver packages and mail to the intended recipients. The first two numbers of the Lahore Postal Code represent the district or city, while the remaining four digits are for the specific street or area within the district.

How do Lahore Postal Codes work?

Lahore Postal codes are allocated to particular addresses based on their geographic area within Lahore. If you mail packages or letters that are addressed to a postal service, they use its Lahore Postal Code to sort and deliver your package to the right address. It is the Lahore Postal Code is used to identify the district and region within Lahore in which the recipient lives to ensure that mail is delivered to the correct address. check also Cadet College Killa Saifullah Entry Test Result.

Area Name Postal Code
Lahore GPO Postal Code 54000
Anarkali Postal Code 54600
Model Town Postal Code 54700
Defence Housing Authority Postal Code 54810
Gulberg Postal Code 54660
Lahore Cantt Postal Code 54890
Samanabad Postal Code 54770
Johar Town Postal Code 54550
Faisal Town Postal Code 54780
Township Postal Code 54800
Allama Iqbal Town Postal Code 54570
Wahga Postal Code 54640
Valencia Postal Code 54620
Sabzazar Postal Code 54580
Iqbal Town Postal Code 54650
Garden Town Postal Code 54730

How to find the right Lahore Postal Code for your location?

Locating the correct Lahore Postal Code for your address is easy. You can use the table to find the right Lahore Postal Code based on your address. Alternatively, you can utilize online tools to find postal codes like WhatPostalCode to swiftly and easily locate the correct Lahore Postal Code for your address. Enter your address in the search bar, and the tool will show you the right Lahore Postal Code.


In conclusion, knowing the correct postal code numbers for Lahore is essential for efficient and accurate mail delivery. We hope that this guide has been helpful in providing you with all the information you need to know about Lahore postal code numbers in 2024. Remember to always double-check before sending any mail or packages to ensure they reach their intended destination.


What is the difference between Lahore Postal Codes and ZIP codes?

There is no distinction between Lahore Postal Codes and ZIP codes. ZIP codes are utilized within the United States, while Lahore Postal Codes are employed to identify addresses in Lahore, Pakistan. The codes both serve the function of identifying the exact geographic area of an address for delivery reasons.

Can Lahore Postal Codes be used for international deliveries?

It is true that Lahore’s Postal codes are able to be used for international shipping. If you are sending a package or letter via Lahore to another country, you’ll be required to add the Lahore Postal Code in addition to the address of the recipient as well as the nation’s postal code.

Are Lahore Postal Codes always six digits?

It is true that Lahore postal codes are all six-digit numbers. The first two digits are for the district or city The remaining four numbers represent the street or area within the district.

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