Lahore High Court Naib Qasid Salary 2024

Lahore High Court Naib Qasid Salary 2024 Benefits will be covered in this post, as well as the other aspects that are crucial for applicants to be aware of. Here is the information regarding what is the Lahore higher court Naib Qasid Salary. Lahore staff members of the high court’ salaries are calculated based on the basic pay scale, and other benefits, allowances, and benefits will be distributed to employees in accordance with the following pattern.

Lahore High Court Naib Qasid Salary 2024

Lahore High Court Naib Qasid’s 2024 salary is in accordance with the pay scale that is basic. In the Lahore high court, you should first look at the name which is Naib Qasid. The basic pay scale of the courts is 3, which is the lowest level of the pay scale’s basic list. The pay scale for the initial pay is 9,610 as per the updated pay scale in 2024. At the highest rate of 21,310, Lahore High Court Naib Qasid Benefits annual allowance, also known as benefits is 390, and 30 stages remain throughout the development of the employee to the advancement.

Naib Qasid Salary in Pakistan 2024

  • The starting salary for Naib Qasid (BS-01) is between 25,500/= and 26,500/=, however, after adding other allowances, it could be higher.
  • Naib Qasid (BS-01) Their basic minimum wage is. 13,530. Their maximum base pay and pay is 26450. 26450. They are also receiving an annual increase of each year of Rs. 430.
  • There isn’t any examination to be a candidate for Naib Qasid. Only interviews are available.

Naib qasida promotion

There are many ways or possibilities to be promoted One is the time scale, and the other one is departmental test passing and appointing as LDC.and is also employed in Other Personnel Services (OPS).

Lahore High Court Naib Qasid Benefits

This is in addition to time allowances, which are also in the new basic pay scale, Integrated allowances 300. In addition, this is a government job, which has a very good reputation of the job. There are a variety of positions are available in Pakistan via legal channels. Lahore high court positions are open in Pakistan for applicants to be considered, however, the pay differs from the jobs that are offered by the high court of Lahore. The new job title is Naib Qasid is available through the perfect alliance.

Lahore High Court Naib Qasid’s duties

  • Clean office furniture, such as Table and Chair, record and maintain equipment;
  • Keep the office clean. office kitchen, common space/lunch area Post letters, make deposits of office utility bills at the bank;
  • Serving tea or coffee to guests, and keeping a schedule for serving members of staff.
  • Serve water and food items and then fetch refreshments.
  • Control internal communication through the distribution of “Dak” in local offices as well as within the office, and the transfer of files from one table to the next; Send notices or other legal correspondence to the person or office concerned;
  • Assist with office tasks i.e. taking photos of documents, and attending meetings and workshops, for example.
  • Make sure you have toilet paper and facial tissues, hand towels, and hand soap. Stay in the office until the office is operating as well as perform other tasks as needed.
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