ISSB Command Task From Blah Into Fantastic Amazing Tips

ISSB Command Task is the other important task following the ISSB discussion in the group. GTO will interview candidates who are interested in becoming an administrator. Like every other time, everyone raises their hands in order to be the first.

ISSB Command Task From Blah Into Fantastic

However, GTO chooses one person. Usually, he picked the one whom he believes did the best on this conversation task. This doesn’t impact other people’s choices, but it does give you a unique perspective of your performance.

ISSB Command Task From Blah Into Fantastic Amazing Tips

Tricky Part

GTO initiates a formal discussion with the candidate selected (Commander). In reality, this isn’t an actual discussion. It is an assessment that determines how GTO becomes extremely welcoming. GTO is trying to get to know you. Be aware when you answer.


GTO  gives you information, explains the times, inbound areas marked outbound within the red, which items are outbound for you, however you are inbound with your items, and so on. Also, items are able to be used as drums and ropes, etc.

Tips for ISSB Command Task

  • Choose the best position (i.e. center).
  • You must be the last to cross the line. (Only for commanders)
  • Choose strong men to lift things and big enough for jumping.
  • Choose your team rather than things.
  • If GTO zones are not bound, you can lift your teammate up and carry them to the line of ending Don’t cross the final line as you wouldn’t put your team in danger Try it again when there’s still a player.
  • Do not call any member of the group by name, Oye, or any other name. Make contact with him using his chest number.


It is impossible to complete the task within the deadline. They are just trying to assess your skills. Cross the troublemakers first. Take note of GTO attentively and pay close concentration.

Clarify any doubts by asking questions. Following the completion of the task, you need to return the rope, drums, and other equipment to the same place in the same position as they were prior to the job.

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