ICT Islamabad Police Constable Syllabus 2024 Test Preparation

ICT Islamabad Police Constable Syllabus 2024 is given here.If you are interested and want to apply to this position Islamabad Capital Territory Police must appear for the Test for recruitment. If you are interested and apply for the jobs successfully must be able to pass a written Test to get the Job. Candidates looking for online Test preparation must check out this website. This site provides online all the subject-specific test preparation for the Test examination for recruitment. Candidates must take all tests until the end to earn excellent marks in the  Examination.

ICT Islamabad Police Constable Syllabus

Join us in preparing your ICT Islamabad police constable and ASI Preparation Syllabus to take the test written. Candidates need to pass the physical requirement and the written test is also conducted by all eligible and qualified candidates. Candidates who are able to succeed in the physical and written entrance tests will be able to enjoy the job.

Islamabad Capital Territory ICT police department is a high public-profile government department that hires the most trustworthy and competent individuals to fill all its posts. They don’t just provide an excellent salary but also an excellent working environment that is secured to standards. We provide Police Test Syllabus and  Preparation guide below.

ICT Islamabad Police Constable Syllabus 2024 Test Preparation Below

ICT Islamabad Police Constable Selection Procedure

Islamabad Capital Territory Police open positions for hiring ASI and Constable etc.according to the police there are three essential steps to hire a candidate that every applicant must complete. These steps are listed below.

  1. Physical test conducted by Islamabad Police
  2. Written Test by NTS
  3. Interview

The three steps mentioned above are essential and necessary for every candidate to be successful. It is now time to take the third step if you passed the previous two steps, the written and physical test.

Important To Know

Test Type MCQs Type questions
Number of MCQs 100
Time to Attempt the Test 120 Minutes i.e. 2 hours
Negative Marking No Negative Marking

Content Weightage

English 15%
General Knowledge and Current Affairs 15%
Intelligence Questions 20%
Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies 15%
Urdu 15%
Psychology 20%

ICT Islamabad Police Constable/ ASI Test Syllabus

An excellent career opportunity is available and just an entrance test left which is essential for applicants to pass. This page has been prepared to give you the entire guide to ICT Islamabad police constable ASI Test Syllabus. We will provide you with information on the distribution of paper as well as content weightage, total marks and all other information required for applicants to pass the test.

The general written entry test to be taken by all candidates. Click on any topic below to access the MCQs related to the area. You can use these MCQs for both Constable and ASI entrance test.

  • English MCQs
  • General Knowledge MCQs
  • Pak Current Affairs MCQs
  • Pakistan Study MCQs
  • Islamic Study MCQs
  • Urdu MCQs
  • Psychology MCQs
  • Intelligence MCQs

These are a complete guide for the ICT Islamabad police constable/ASI test syllabus. You can make your MCQs that will be incorporated to the exam. It is important to prepare for the test with diligence and accountability. There is no negative marking , that’s why you have be extra careful as the wrong answer can cause us to lose marks and can be costly to your professional career.

ICT Islamabad Police Test Preparation Guide

It is crucial to begin the preparation for your exam early in order so that you stand the greatest chance of keeping the necessary information and interpreting it into a meaning which will enable you excel on the exam.

The process of creating a study schedule about two or three weeks prior to taking an exam will help you to not cram and can reduce anxiety!

  • Make a list of all the subjects you’ll be expected to cover during the test. It may be helpful to review the outline of your course or your notes from lectures.
  • The topics should be divided into study blocks you have available from now until the exam and allow additional time for topics that are difficult. Make sure to study before the exam to get an overview of the exam.
  • In your day time or using a blank timetable write down the days and times you will cover all the subjects that you have listed.
  • Take a look at the topics on your list once you’ve completed reviewing them. This can increase your confidence.

In most courses, it’s crucial to comprehend both the finer details and bigger concepts of the material. It is also important to comprehend the connections between the various concepts within the course. There are many ways to note down and diagram your ideas that you can employ to arrange your information in a meaningful manner.

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