High Court of Sindh Cause List Daily Basis Download Online

The High Court of Sindh is the most prestigious judicial body of Sindh, Pakistan. It was created on the 16th of September, 1990 in accordance with the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The High Court is able to hear every criminal and civil case apart from matters related to banking, currency co-operative societies, insurance, and mines.

To find out if any matter is currently pending in the High Court of Sindh, you can check our online cause list. It is the High Court of Sindh offers its services to residents of Sindh to resolve their disagreements.

If you have a disagreement with someone and want to bring it in court, the most effective method to go about it is by looking up the High Court of Sindh Cause List online. The list will let you know what cases are being considered by the court. It will provide you with an understanding of the length of time required in settling these disputes.

High Court of Sindh Cause List Daily Basis Download Online

Sindh High Court Cause List Check Online

The High Court of Sindh is the supreme court that handles civil, criminal and revenue issues for the Sindh province. The aim of this site is to provide information on the cause lists of the High Court and make it easier for people to gain access to the lists. The High Court of Sindh is one of the High Courts in Pakistan. It was created on July 1st, 1997, under section 6 in the Constitution of Pakistan. The court’s jurisdiction extends to all districts in Sindh province.

High Court of Sindh Cause List Download Online

Daily Cause List Sindh High Court

The High Court of Sindh is the most powerful tribunal in Sindh, Pakistan. The court was founded on November 4, 2008, following the adoption of the Constitution of Pakistan. A Chief Justice from Pakistan is the judge. The authority of the High Court covers all civil and criminal matters that occur from the province of Sindh.

Daily Cause List High Court Larkana

The High Court of Sindh has been in operation since 1973. The jurisdiction of the High Court covers all districts in Sindh. It is comprised of one Chief Justice and two justices of the criminal and civil wings, fourteen judges which include four female judges and three former supreme court judges who are ex-officio members. The court is able to handle all criminal and civil cases other than those that fall subject to its exclusive authority of a higher or lower court. This High Court hears cases in English and Sindhi languages.

The current cause list is available online at http://www.sindhhighcourt.gov.pk/cause-list/. The list of causes includes names, birth date of birth, date of residence, and the case number of each person who has submitted a petition to the High Court in Sindh during the last 12 months. Check Sindh High Court Cause List Datewise.

Hyderabad High Court Cause List

The Hyderabad High Court has been conducting hearings on various cases since it was established on 1858. The court is located at the Begum Jaan International Conference Centre in Hyderabad.

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The Chief Justice of Hyderabad’s High Court is Shri Dastagir Hussain Mirza.

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