HEC RAPID Technology Transfer Grant (RTTG) 2024 Proposal Submission Procedure

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is inviting research submissions from faculty members within the RAPID Technology Transfer Grant (RTTG) program. The sources from official source told APP that HEC in this regard has invited faculty members from public and private universities and degree awarding establishments (DAIs) to make research proposals that focus on the possibility of transferring university-developed technology and products to the industrial and commercial sectors.

The RTTG is an essential element in the Higher Education Development in Pakistan (HEDP) project that is backed by the World Bank and implemented by the HEC.

It is a fast-track financing method that addresses subjects, themes, and problems of the extremely urgent need for rapid response research on Flood Response, Climate Change along with the Environment.

The grant is expected to help with proposals for applied research, innovation in products, and commercialization of technology-related solutions and research. The RTTG will grant funds to certain institutions that are based on a competitive peer-reviewed review of proposals.

HEC RAPID Technology Transfer Grant (RTTG) 2024 Proposal Submission Procedure

About RAPID Technology Transfer Grant RTTG

HEC RAPID Technology Transfer Grant (RTTG)

The number of funds available for RTTG awards can range from PKR 10 to 20 million, with a maximum duration of six months. The areas of focus for RTTG assistance include Flood Response, Climate Change, and Environment, which include not only adaptation to climate change, mitigation policies, interventions in the policy dialogue, along with disaster and emergency management (focusing upon climate modeling as well as disaster surveillance, environmental monitoring, and monitoring of geological processes) Metro-scale pollution reduction techniques, protection of existing trees by artificial intelligence controls, and the use the membrane system for water and gaseous industries to treat industrial waste.

Other areas, like the development and design of hybrid membranes as well as classical systems based on the requirements of the site and its location in the development and identification of hospital waste treatment procedures elimination of arsenic/other harmful elements from industrial effluents, and underground aquifers for water as well as climate-smart agricultural systems, adapting agricultural production to climate change by introducing cultivars that are climate-resilient in relation to drought, heat as well as flooding (especially of cotton and wheat) and other areas connected to Flood Response, Climate Change, and the environment.

HEC RTTG Funding Details

Budget requests should be compatible with research and development projects. RTTG funds may be used to:

  • Salary for the PI and co-PIs is based on the length of time they spend on the project
  • stipends for bachelor’s masters, doctoral, master’s students, and post-doctoral scholars in order to bring the concept or item to the market.
  • Limited prototype development costs
  • Tests in the lab or access to information
  • Patent filing
  • Making license agreements
  • Financial and legal investment guidance
  • marketing or promoting the product prototype or the product that is proposed to the appropriate stakeholders or investors.

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HEC RAPID Technology Transfer Grant Eligibility Criteria

Principal Investigator (PI) must;

  • Be a regular Faculty member (Ph.D. or FCPS/MCPS/FRCS) of a university (Public as well as private) (The Rector/VC must make sure that a maximum of. two outstanding proposals for each HEI are submitted)
  • Co-financing (including cash or in-kind contributions) from the partner in the industry is required

Proposal Submission Procedure

Project proposals based using the prescribed template are to be submitted through the HEC through the online platform. The deadline for proposals is on Tuesday 7 February 2024 (11:59 midnight).

Interested candidates are asked to visit http://www.hec.gov.pk/site/RTTG for further information and application.

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