Domestic Violence In Pakistan Essay Complete For All Level Of Education

Domestic Violence In Pakistan Essay Complete an easy essay is given below.Domestic violence is among the most serious problems in Pakistan. It’s the behavior in marriages and cohabitation that involves one person to another, who is treated in a way that is absurd. Pakistan is the most terribly affected by this scourge since a decade. According to research from the past the rate of violence against women in Pakistan is growing every day, with a percent of between 80 and 90% women being abused. Each year, a staggering 5 000 women die because of the violence of domestic abuse in Pakistan.

Domestic Violence In Pakistan Essay Complete For All Level Of Education

According to the study, Pakistan is ranked on third in the world for domestic violence that occurs in the world. This is an alarming situation in Pakistan that could lead to grave issues in the very near future. There are many causes and the reasons for every aspect of our lives as well as numerous causes and effects that are associated with domestic violence within Pakistan. Our government must work to end this violence and stop the rising rate in domestic violence.

Domestic Violence In Pakistan Essay Complete For All Level Of Education

Types of Violence and the Effects they have on Women

Domestic Violence can be broadly classified into three categories that are

  • sexual assault
  • psychological
  • physical

Psychological Violence covers a wide range of behaviors like calling names, insults and blackmailing that impact women emotionally and mentally.

From making threats to forcefully restricting her, men employ different tactics of violence to dominate and control women. A lot of men employ techniques of disinformation, distorted facts, and hides information to impose torture on women.

Types of Violence and the Effects they have on Women

Furthermore, the abuse of children, like taking their toys and physically attacking men, is frequently employed as a way to force women into performing actions she does not desire to. Dependence on men for economic gain is another major issue facing women. Man has control over the assets, e.g., food shelter, clothing as well as transportation which means that women are bound to stay in a relationship that is abusive.

Effects of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can cause many serious effects, some of which, we’ll examine below in depth.

Mental Effects of Domestic Violence

  • There are a myriad of psychological effects of domestic violence, and anxiety and depression are among the most frequent problems that result from the abuse. This can also lead to long-term depression.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorders that lead to nightmares, severe anxiety, and thoughts that are uncontrollable. These can lead to mental health issues.
  • The most significant result of domestic violence thoughts, ideas, and suicide and attempts to commit suicide
  • Domestic violence can lead to dependence on alcohol and other drugs to ease tension and anger.
  • It can even weaken the force or the sense of doubt and erodes self-esteem. check also Important English Essays for 10th Class 2024 Complete List.

Emotional and Spiritual Effects of Domestic Violence

  • Domestic violence is a major factor that affects the emotional and spiritual aspects of working and thinking.
  • Uncertainty and hopelessness are the main emotional consequences of this severe use of drugs.
  • The person who has survived is afflicted with an unforgiving feeling and demotivated, resulting in the devaluation of future goals.
  • Doubting and trusting aspects are among the list of the most significant negative effects of domestic violence.

Physical Effects of Domestic Violence

  • A minimum of 45% females and 40 percent of men suffer minor physical injuries. The physical consequences of domestic violence. These include swelling, bruises, and scratches are the most frequent
  • Headaches are the most frequent physical result of domestic abuse that can cause hair to turn into a serious headache.
  • Gynecological traumas are also part of the violence against domestic partners in the majority of instances.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases can also causes of the severe physical consequences.

Social Effects of Domestic Violence

  • Domestic abuse can be a major cause of damage or damaged relationships within the society. It also has negative consequences for your family’s background as well.
  • It also causes feeling of being isolated from family, friends, society and even superlative people.
  • This ultimately damages the reputation or image of a person who is a survivor within the society , and the person occupies a position that is unimportant

Strategies to Eliminate Domestic Violence

  • With a rapid rise in domestic violence, the majority of women are not able to obtain legal counsel as it is becoming expensive and time-consuming.
  • Consequently those who perpetrate domestic violence aren’t afraid of facing the court process and being charged with the offense. To end domestic violence, all victims must have access to legal counsel in order to remedy injustices in divorce from a toxic relationship.
  • Legal counsel should be accessible for victims at a costs of the state. Help lines for domestic violence shelter homes, shelter homes, as well as protection officers to provide legal, medical and social assistance are expected to be in place to victims at their earliest time, since they are in high demand in the majority of developing countries such as Pakistan.
  • So, those who have suffered of Violence from their male companions can be inspired to speak up the injustice that is caused to them. the crime could be reduced to a minimum.
  • In educational institutions there is a huge gap about gender roles. Girls are educated and selected for roles that display their vulnerability, while the roles boys are taught are aimed at their strength and superiority.
  • The preference for girls over boys can cause dominating behavior in boys, which can turn out to be the root cause of domestic violence.
  • If the concept of equality between genders is nurtured into children that creates an awareness of equality across the board and men will show respect to women and women who are victims of violence would be able to offer the appropriate response to men.
  • Promotion of gender equality could lead to improvement in the deteriorating condition of women, as evident in urban regions.
  • In addition one of the factors that contributes to the problem is the general ignorance that exists in the society. The man isn’t fully enlightened to the rights of women, so damaging her life appears to be a normal act. Equally, women are unaware of her rights that are being taken away by the society.
  • If a man was educated, he might be aware of women’s rights.
  • Many male partners do not have the awareness of their female partner’s struggles and how an unkind, threatening comment can be detrimental to her as she moves out of her father’s lavish home, where everything is accessible on demand, causes an issue in society.
  • When a male is taught on how to conduct himself with his female partner this can lead to improvements in the mental health of women and can lead to the reduction of domestic violence instances.
  • The burden rests with the current administration of the particular state to establish education programs specifically for men who are offenders, so that the women’s importance as human beings is made clear to them that women aren’t just married to watch children and completing exhausting chores that are confined to the 4 walls in the house filled with boredom and monotony.
  • The most well-known methods to stop domestic violence is to create laws that place a stop on early marriages and pregnancies. pregnancy and to stop males from inflicting violence on women.
  • Girls who marry early indicate that they are prone to Violence and became victims of child sexual abuse and forcible pregnancies is the main reason for women’s deaths.
  •  Even though laws exist however, their application in a proper sense is lacking which is why there is a dire need for changes.
  • When a woman, after having to deal with limitations, is capable of filing an action against her husband, she is in no position to be held in a prison sentence because of legal and social restrictions.
  • In the beginning she isn’t treated seriously. Her issue is seen as just an issue that is blown out of the house. In the future, she’s confronted with the possibility of taking her case to court, in which case she will need funds to pay for legal counsel and time , as our justice system for social issues is in chaos.
  • In addition, she is judged in the society for her actions that go against her husband’s Will.
  •  In this situation, it is essential to make law to punish domestic violence and to show seriousness about the issue by imposing severe punishments in the form of prison and fines for abusers.
  • This is why they are all domestic violence happening in Pakistan and its impact on society.
  • This Domestic Violence In Pakistan Essay Complete can be written to use in your college or school speech contest or essay exam preparation. Students from both colleges, schools and university students are able to create this article.

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