8 Low Scope Degrees You Should Not Take Admission In Pakistan

8 Low Scope Degrees You Should Not Take Admission In Pakistan details given here. Consider your talents, inclinations, and willingness to work hard when choosing a career. Our society has a common myth that advises people to choose a bachelor’s degree but doesn’t consider which degree they should not accept. We will tell you that you shouldn’t be admitted to programs because of a social trend.

8 Low Scope Degrees You Should Not Take Admission In Pakistan

For example, there was a tendency to take management admission and BBA. Although there is a trend for IT and computers, people tend to accept admission without thinking about it. Avoid these degree programs if you are looking for admissions. Students often ask questions about the best program for their careers. However, they rarely mention which programs to avoid.

8 Low Scope Degrees You Should Not Take Admission In Pakistan

Degree programs with declining demand

Similar to the trend, trends can change at different times. This trend has a downside. There are many good students and regular students who get admission into these programs. There are students who shouldn’t be admitted there but should be admitted there.

Market and society are subject to saturation. Students are more numerous than the seats available for their future careers. There are only 10 seats, but there are 100 people who apply. It was called the Saturation in the Market and Society.

This situation can lead to a negative outcome. Sometimes, a student who is eligible for the job is denied it and another student is offered it. It could be a job or selection in any field. We ask it to be a social loss. This situation can lead to a lot of problems.

Similar situations are becoming more common in society. This is why guidance is necessary to get admission in the right field. Let’s get started.

These degrees may not be suitable for your future career due to the overburdening market.

Economics & Mathematics

Saturation is the main reason this society was not chosen. These subjects are mostly studied by students in social science and natural science. You will be asked by everyone to complete a BS/MS in Mathematics & Economics, then you can become a great tutor and teacher.

Even students don’t have an interest in studying and teaching. A teacher at Metric suggests that a student study Economics or Mathematics as a career because it offers better opportunities and possibilities. This was how society gained another teacher. These are the causes of problems in the community.

Physical Education & Sports Sciences

Many students have been admitted to public universities in the last few years for sports science and physical education. These subjects are also being studied by many affiliated colleges. These subjects are not in high demand. These students also get jobs in the private sector or NGOs. The current situation is so bad that they are not able to find jobs in the private and NGOs.

Our lifestyle is different from western countries, as we receive help from these professionals. These factors show us that only students are admitted to these fields if they are enthusiastic and have a positive attitude. He will be successful in this field.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy has seen a lot of patients admitted in the last few decades when hospitals have fewer vacancies than they can accommodate.
  • In Pakistan, there are no rehabilitation centers. It will be a burden if these are made available.
  • Similar to the previous example, although there is a sector for development that allows these people to work, it is not in a good condition.
  • Our lifestyle is different from the west where there is high demand in certain fields.

After having done extensive research in the public and private sectors, I’ll now ask that student if they should be admitted to that field. They must be able to do this work. They could enjoy the work. Students should then go there if they don’t want to.


Another field of psychology is also very popular among girls. Those who are unable to get into MBBS or BDS, Social Sciences, and Pre-Engineering can choose the Psychology program. Their friends may also offer advice.

They don’t know why we do this work, or if they should be admitted. They enjoy reading other people’s thoughts, feelings, and conditions. These are all good qualities, but only those who must work in the field should do so. This field is only for students who are willing to learn and can communicate with others in a positive mood instead of creating more problems.

Only those who are always in a good mood, have a positive outlook on life, and can communicate clearly with others should be allowed to go. This is something that no other person can do. These qualities are essential for psychological success. Only those with complete aptitude are eligible to go.

Electrical Engineering

Many people are able to get into Electrical Engineering and become engineers. It is the 1# Engineering program that has been around for a while, as the Private Sector offers the same field. Its results show that there are many people who want to enter this field.

This is why there aren’t many jobs in this area with a lot of usages. People also don’t have the aptitude to do that job. This is the main reason. It is the main reason vacancy is not on the market. Many people ask him why he chose to engineer and couldn’t find work in his field. After learning a lot about each field, you must apply for admission.

If you are able to solve problems with electrical appliances, have an idea in your head, and are interested in learning more about electronic devices, then you should be admitted as an electrical engineer. It is important that the student does not accept advice from his family, friends, or teachers.

It is no longer a good idea to be admitted to electrical engineering. Avoid it if there is no interest.

Graphic Design

Graphic Designing is a field where you shouldn’t be allowed if you don’t want to. You will need to have ideas and imagination. Only those who are passionate about it can succeed.

A computer is essential for designing. You must be able to draw hand sketches before you can use a computer. If you can’t draw on paper, what will you do on the computer? It’s useless to do it. You can create beautiful designs and images from actual photos if you have the ability to do so.

Graphic Design is not the process of combining all elements from the internet and placing them together. We can simply ask it to evaluate in our language. Anyone who gives you a simple model that you can easily reproduce on paper or computer, that person is only successful. You must make informed decisions.

Graphic design is not something you are interested in. People start small businesses making cards and designing on panaflex. Some people freelance, but they don’t succeed because of a lack of their abilities. This creates negative points for them and makes them feel depressed. Therefore, it is important to choose the right career.


Mathematical studies are also considered to be the most rewarding career field. Many people believe that a mathematics degree will open up many career opportunities. A good job as a mathematician and a teaching position in an institution is possible.

Let’s say you don’t like math calculations, teaching, or solving difficult problems. You apply for admission. It is useless and a wasteful of time in such cases. However, we can still say that he has wasted his life in this field, regardless of whether he was not interested or if he accepted advice from others.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance are similar to other areas. You need to be able to count and calculate. Many people hold degrees but have no experience or knowledge in this field. They cannot do anything. Some people get jobs in this field and others in another.


Bad degrees can lead to many disadvantages in the long term. Only choose a degree in which you are interested and can do something extraordinary. You should not be admitted into Pakistan if you aren’t qualified. Their future prospects are not good. We hope this helps.

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