Salary of Assistant Commissioner In Pakistan 2023 Protocol And Power

In Pakistan, the pay scale and grade of Assistant Commissioner is BS-17 Assistant Commissioner Salary In Pakistan Basic Pay Scale Allowances. This is among the highest-paying positions and seats in the Government of Pakistan. The pay scale that is used for this post of BS-17 grade is, their basic pay is Rs. 25,440. Assistant Commissioners are frequently called Deputy District Officers. They are responsible for the duties that are assigned to The Revenue Administration with regard to their official duties. Their duties and assignments must be handled in connection with the price control magistracy, through which you are able to easily estimate the pay of an assistant commissioner (AC) for Pakistan.

Salary of Assistant Commissioner In Pakistan 2023

It’s not simply becoming an assistant commissioner within Pakistan since there isn’t any qualification that a person must pass to be able to become an assistant commissioner within Pakistan. To be the assistant commissioner of Pakistan you must take the written test or test for special requirements that are required to be the assistant commissioner of Pakistan.

The test is also called CSS or Central Superior Services. CSS test or Central Superior Services. The officers from the Pakistan Administrative Service can become assistant commissioners in Pakistan after passing the test. If you also wish to be the assistant commissioner of Pakistan and searching to find the assistant commissioner Salary to be paid in Pakistan 2021, then you’re at the right spot. This is where you can learn about the positions and potential in this profession.

Salary of Assistant Commissioner In Pakistan Protocol And Power Below

AC stands for Pakistan

Assistant Commissioner (AC) BPS-17

The Assistant Commissioner AC is among the most prestigious posts in the administration of Pakistan with a grade of BS-17. This is the top position that comes with many benefits and scale allowances.

How to become an Assistant Commissioner in Pakistan?

Anyone who has passed the CSS exam aspires to be an Assistant Commissioner as it’s an extremely ranked job in Pakistan. It is difficult to be the Assistant Commissioner of Pakistan because of a higher-ranked position. The Assistant Commissioner is employed by the Public Service Commission for the area in question. To be an Assistant Commission in Pakistan, it is mandatory to be able to pass the CSS test with a high score. To be able to sit for an exam like the Central Superior Services exam, the candidate should have completed their graduation diploma. If a person has completed his graduation, then he/she could be able to take the CSS tests and then become the Assistant Commissioner of Pakistan but not otherwise.

job Description of Assistant Commissioner

The Assistant Commissioner is a highly respected post in the government. They are in charge of ensuring the country (Pakistan) calm, tranquility, and harmony, as well as rules and regulations and regulating the price of procuring wheat, and managing the aftermath of disasters. They also have to supervise and oversee hospitals, educational institutes, and health centers. The Assistant Commissioner is responsible for all aspects of their area.

Career / Promotion Scope of Assistant Commissioner

As Assistant Commissioner, the BS-17 Grade is a full year of service in the same job. After 3 years of work as Assistant Commissioners, they are promoted to Scale-18 of Deputy Commissioner.

A Deputy Commissioner (BS-18) has between 05 and 06 years of experience at the DC. After five years of working as DC and then promoted to Scale-19, as Additional Commissioner.

The scale of the Additional Commissioner BS-19 is based on 06 to 08 years of experience at the ADC. After 06/08 years as ADC, they are promoted to the Scale-20/21 of Commissioner/Chief Commissioner.

Further Commissioner is promoted to the Scale-22 for his/her outstanding performances as an Additional Chief Secretary Member, Chief Secretary, and Federal Secretary.

Assistant Commissioner Salary / Benefits

The minimum basic pay amount is. 45,070. The maximum amount is Rs. 113,470. The government offers many advantages and allowances to The Assistant Commissioner of BS-17 posts. The Assistant Commissioner gets an increase (December) in the amount of Rs. 3,420 every year. The government also offers medical allowances, housing and official vehicles security personnel traveling allowances, as well as personal employees of the Assistant Commissioner Residence.

Today new Jobs in Pakistan

(AC) Assistant Commissioner PayScale 2023

The basic salary is 45,070. House rental 16000
Allowance for the conveyance of 8000
Medical: 1847
Fix allowance: 7000
performance allowance: 18000
Adhoc relief 2023 4500
Gross Salary: 105,000+

Other benefits include a driver’s license, car, fuel, a house, and a utility allowance.

The average monthly wage for the Assistant Commissioner of Pakistan is 105,000 PKR per month.

CSS Eligibility requirements

all males and women, as well as special people who have at least an undergraduate degree in the second division and are aged between 21 and 30, are qualified. The upper limit of age may be lowered by two years for categories defined

  • Application summits: September each year
  • CSS Exam Months: February each year.
  • CSS Fee: 2200
  • The CSS cities for the examinations are: Abbottabad, Bahawalpur, DI Khan, DG Khan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Gilgit, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Larkana, Muzaffarabad, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, and Sukkur

Compulsory Subjects (600 Marks)

  • Essay 100 and English (Precis and Composition) 100
  • General Knowledge General Knowledge Paper I General Science and Ability 100 General Science: (MCQs = 20 marks (subjective = 40 marks) Ability to be subjective equals 40 marks.)
  • Paper: II Current Affairs 100
  • Paper: III Pakistan Affairs 100
  • Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of Major Religions (For Non-Muslims) 100

Optional Subjects (600 Marks)

All Groups of CSS Name

  • Police Services of Pakistan (PSP)

The civil force of a federal and local government is accountable to prevent and detect of crimes and for the preservation of order in the public.

  • District Management Group (DMG)

District Management Group (DMG)

DMG also known as Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS)

  • Foreign Services of Pakistan (FSP )
  • Customs group
  • Group Accounts
  • Group Commerce and Trade
  • Group Income Tax
  • Information Group
  • Military Lands and Cantonment group (MLCG)
  • Railways Group
  • Postal Group

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