Punjab University Admissions No Need for NOC Anymore Notification

In accordance with the official notice, Punjab University withdraw the conditions for NOC requirements for admissions into graduate or postgraduate courses from those at the Higher Education Institute last attended. In the notice released by the office the Register ( Registration Branch), following the resolution of the syndicate at a meeting on December 17, 2022, regarding the decision to adopt notification No. 15-54/COORD/2019/HEC/SAD/222 the condition for the presentation of the Migration Certificate / NOC issued by the Higher Education Institution last attended as an admission requirement to the graduate /postgraduate programs is hereby withdrawn.

The notification shall take effect from the date stated in the notice. The notification is sent to the Pro-Vice Chancellor Chairperson of the Admission Committee and Deans of Faculties the Principals of constituents colleges Director of Institutes / Centers, Public Relations Officer Secretary to the Vice- the Chancellor, and Secretary of the Registrar. Also check  Punjab University College of Pharmacy M.Phil, PhD Admission.

The students who were admitted earlier at Punjab University should be required to submit the Non Objection Certificate ( No Objection Certificate) from the last time they attended Institute to prove. Now, however, Punjab University withdraw this condition. Students are able to apply for admission to PU without an NOC.

Punjab University Admissions No Need for NOC Anymore Notification

Punjab University Admissions No Need for NOC Anymore Notification

About PU

It was established in Lahore in 1882 In 1882, the University of Punjab is the most prestigious and longest-running institution of higher education in Pakistan. It was the very first institution to be established in the subcontinent in an area with a Muslim majority region.

It is situated in the historic and vibrant city of Lahore the institution has played a pivotal role in the spread of higher education throughout the nation. The university strives to create an environment that is conducive to the advancement of academic pursuits.

Due to its highly skilled and internationalized faculty, the pleasant atmosphere and affordable tuition fees The university is the top institution of preference for students.The University has five campus, 19 faculties and 08 Constituent Colleges and 138 centers, departments and institutes.

There are 658 associated colleges. It has 991 full-time/regular , 300 faculty members working part-time in research and teaching, as well as 49,520 on-campus students. (29,588 Morning evening, 18,838 Evening and 1 094 Diploma student).

Allama Iqbal Campus was named for the great South Asian thinker and poet-philosopher. Its Indo-Islamic architectural style includes Colleges of Art and Design, IT and Pharamacy along with the most storied Oriental College, the first version of the University that was founded in 1870. It is situated on the Mall Road of Lahore.

The University also has established its sub-campuses in Gujranwala as well as Jhelum. Major disciplines offered at these campuses comprise Business Administration, Commerce, Law as well as Information Technology. The addition of new disciplines is happening slowly on these campus.

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