PPSC Exam Duty Registration Form 2023 Download Online

Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC plans to hire new examination personnel. The online registration process for PPSC examination duty has been now open until the end of the month. Females and males in Punjab are eligible to be eligible to apply in the application process for PPSC exam duty positions in 2023. In Punjab, interested applicants could apply for these part-time positions in 2023. PPSC will be hiring exam duty workers on a daily wage. Candidates who are selected must meet all PPSC requirements. They are required to work at PPSC principal and sub-test centers. Candidates can choose the closest test center. PPSC Examination Duty Form 2023 in the prescribed format is accessible online in the form of a PDF.

In Punjab, interested applicants could apply for these jobs on a part-time basis in 2023. PPSC will recruit exam duty employees at daily wage. Candidates who are selected must meet the entire PPSC requirements. They are required to work at PPSC test centers, both the main and sub-tests.Check also: PPSC Fee Payment Method Online Using Jazz Cash App.

Candidates are able to choose the nearest test center. PPSC Examination Duty Form 2023 in the prescribed format is online and available in the form of a PDF.

PPSC Exam Duty Registration Form 2023 Download Online

PPSC Exam Duty Supervisor Invigilator Jobs 2023

Designation Nature of Duty Basic Scale
Supervisor To oversee the examination/test BS-17 and above
Deputy Supervisor/ Departmental Representative Perform table work/documentation to prepare to be used for testing or examination BS-16
Invigilator To invigilate examination/test BS-05 to BS-15
Water Carrier Other support tasks include organizing the chairs, dusting furniture and sealing exam-related materials, providing water and so on. BS-01 to BS-04

PPSC Exam Duty Registration Form Download

PPSC Exam Duty 2023 Eligibility Criteria

Gender: Male/Female

Domicile: Punjab

Location of Duty Place of Duty: Employee’s nominated District/Region

Regular employees of the Punjab Government/ Federal Government/Semi-Government Institutions/Autonomous Bodies (having equivalent scale) can apply.

Important Details

  1. Employees selected will be part of the PPSC invigilation system. They will be called to duty by the automated duty-management system.
  2. Exams are usually scheduled for weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).
  3. There should be no criminal/departmental record against the employee/applicant.
  4. Candidates interested in applying can do so through the Registration Form that is available on the PPSC on their official site (www.ppsc.gop.pk) and submit the hard Copy to PPSC under the name of the Secretary. PPSC, LDA Plaza, 7-Edgerton Road, close to Aiwan-e-Iqbal, Lahore and follow the PPSC website for more information.


  1. Exam preparation will count as an independent session.
  2. It is required for the invigilation personnel to attend the day of preparation, otherwise, the remuneration for that day won’t be paid.
  3. Each session be 3 to 4 hours.
  4. There is no T.A./DA is paid since selected employees will be assigned to their chosen area. Remuneration is the only payment.
  5. The remuneration for duty of examination will be paid at an amount of Rs. 1500 per session for Supervisors and the rate is Rs. 1200 per hour for the Deputy Supervisors, Rs.800/- per session for an Invigilator, and Rs.500/ per hour for Water Carrier (subject to tax).

Application for Exam Duty PPSC

The Punjab Public Service Commission released the latest advertisement on the 10th of May 2023 to promote PPSC examination duty application. The most recent PPSC advertisement lists post of supervisor Invigilator and Deputy supervisor and Water Carrier. The applicants will make up the PPSC surveillance system and will be required to be on duty through the duty management systems.

PPSC Exam Duty Payment

Remuneration will only be paid. Remuneration for the duty of examination is payable in the sum of Rs. 1500/session for supervisors and Supervisory. The rate is of Rs. 1200/hour for a Supervisors Deputy, Rs.800 per session for the Invigilator as well as Rs.500 per hour for a Water Carrier (subject to tax).

How to apply for PPSC Exam Duty Jobs

PPSC, LDA Plaza, 7-Edgerton Road, near Aiwan-e-Iqbal, Lahore and follow the PPSC website for more details. Exam preparation is an individual session. It is mandatory for the security personnel to attend every day’s exam preparation in the event that they do not, the day’s fee is not due. The length of each session ranges from three to four hours. The session is not paid. T.A/DA is paid as employees are assigned to their preferred locations of the region.

PPSC Invigilator Jobs 2023 Apply Online

Exams are generally held during the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). There should be no criminal/departmental record against the employee/applicant. Candidates who wish to apply are able to apply to register by downloading the Registration Form on PPSC The Official Site (www.ppsc.gop.pk) before they send the hard copy to PPSC. PPSC in the name of the Secretary.

PPSC Exam Duty Jobs Eligibility Criteria

Exam Duty Jobs PPSC 2023 is specifically for regular employees of semi-government and government institutions. Females and males are qualified for the newest PPSC exam duty positions. Candidates who are hired must work at their respective locations and districts. The applicants are entitled to an equal opportunity to apply for their desired job.

How do I submit an application to the PPSC Invigilator Program? PPSC Invigilator

Individuals who are interested in applying for the position must do so on paper. Candidates can fill out the application forms that are prescribed to apply for PPSC exam duty positions. Candidates may submit their application form to the Secretary, PPSC, LDA Plaza, 7-Edgerton Road in the vicinity of Aiwan-e-Iqbal, Lahore. Then, visit the official website www.ppsc.gop.pk for more updates.

  • Supervisor BPS-17 & above
  • DR/Deputy Supervisor BPS- 16
  • Invigilator BPS-05 to 15
  • Water carrier BPS 01-04

PPSC Exam Duty Jobs Salary/Wages

PPSC exam duties are part-time work for public employees. They will be paid for their work. The PPSC has formulated the salaries and wages for invigilators, Supervisor, DR/Deputy Supervisor Invigilator, Supervisor as well as Water Carrier employees. The duration of each meeting maybe two to three hours.

PPSC Examination Duty Jobs Wages Per Session
Supervisor RS 1500/-
Deputy Supervisor RS 1200/-
Invigilator RS 800/-
Water Carries RS 500/-

PPSC Examination Duty Jobs Description

PPSC is a government-owned body that conducts recruitment tests for the public sector. It is now planning to recruit new workers to supervise exams. Invigilators and supervisors must supervise the exam process in an honest and transparent way. Water Carriers will offer water to the students and assist in the conduct of the exam cleaning of seats, sealing the papers, and also the adjustment of chairs.

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