PMC Dissolved 2023 Download PMDC Bill Pdf

Pakistan Medical Commission PMC Dissolved 2023 and all dental and medical issues related to admission will be taken care of through the PMDC. Additionally, people are considering the PMC dissolution, which is a yes. In the wake of being disbanded PMC, which was announced in the past, there is no National MDCAT will be held.

In accordance with previous conventions, it is expected that provincial MDCATs be carried out by the respective provincial universities that admit students, i.e., UHS in Punjab, KMU in KP, and LUMHS in Sindh. In the case of the student’s fee, it’s anticipated that that fee will be reimbursed or that the fee will be applied to all MDCATs in the province.

PMC Dissolved and PMDC Bill

We hope that PMDC will issue an announcement and address the concerns of students within the coming days. Institutions in the provincial sector will manage the MDCAT. Each province will follow the same program and structure. Students will only need to study for the local curriculum. MDCATs will be administered using paper, just as it was previously. Further details will be released when it becomes made available.

PMC Dissolved 2023 Download PMDC Bill Pdf Given Below

PMC Dissolved 2023

Regional MDCAT has been approved, and the legislation is expected to be submitted before the Senate of Pakistan on the 14th of June. Section 20 of the PMC/PMDC Act established the National Licensing Examination (NLE). The students who completed an MBBS program will be tested. MBBS program will be evaluated on their ability to function independently.

PMDC Stands For

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC)- the House of Representatives approved the PMDC Bill 2023. PMDC, along with other institutions across Pakistan, will grant the admission. Additionally, during a recent session, this decision was adopted by the Minister Federal of Education, Abdul Qadir Patel.

Is PMC dissolved 2023?

Yes! The PMC is dissolved, and every right associated with dental and medical students’ admissions is transferred to the PMDC. Now PMDC will issue the admission all across Pakistan, . Now National Admission Scheduling Committee of PMC confirms consensus admission dates for 2023-23 Medical and Dental College Admissions.

PMC Dissolved 2023 PMDC Bill PDF Download

Are you searching for PMDC Bill but aren’t getting an authentic result? Then don’t worry! It’s because I’ve browsed many websites and have compiled a complete list of details on PMC Dissolved 2023 PMDC Bill PDF Download. In the news of recent times, it appears that PMC Dissolved 2023 that the format of the test will be altered and that the negative marking will be added. In addition, the Schedule for MDCAT Test MDCAT Test will be changed, and the MDCAT Date will be announced shortly. It is expected that PMDC will inform the public of this important issue.

PMC Dissolved Bill Download

PMC Twitter

The official account for PMC via Twitter can be found at “@pmc_org.” When PMC announces news related to medical, it first posts the news on its Twitter account before putting it on the public notice boards. Additionally, users can access their official Twitter account, where all the information is posted about the most recent data.

PMC Changes MBBS And BDS Eligibility Criteria 2023 Check Online

Difference Between PMC And PMDC

Before creating the PMC, PMDC managed all the aspects related to dental and medical. In 2019, however, it was the turn of the government in Pakistan to take all the powers from PMDC and transfer those rights over to PMC. The previous two-year PMC was able to handle everything, but the current government has altered everything. The present government has transferred everything back into the PMDC, and the department will handle all aspects.
Students are confused by the admission process for dental and medical, but the PMC has been dissolving, and PMDC will operate in all areas. Additionally, we will make it available to the public when we get new information about PMC Dissolve 2023.

PMDC Website

PMDC Site can be found at where you can see all the information on this subject.

What Is PMC?

PMC will be the Pakistan Medical Commission that handles all dental and medical education processes. Additionally, every year, two times, this department will announce admission. Before admission, PMC takes the test for MDCAT before granting admission. However, the department is responsible for all of its activities.

Name of Province Test Conducting Body
Punjab UHS
Sindh NTS
Balochistan UHS

PMDC Latest News Today

Following an edict signed by Dr. Arif Alvi, the former president of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the creation of a new organization called the Pakistan Medial Commission was ordered to supervise Pakistan’s medical professionals (PMC).
As per the NHS Ministry of National Health Services (NHS), the entire 220 council members were directed to be absent from the workplace for one week by police and the Islamabad district administration as well as police.

PMDC Bill 2023 PDF

PMDC bill was presented before the Parliament and, with the approval of The Federal minister of education and chairman of the National assembly, regularized PMC law and all rights granted to the PMDC. Soon, all activities will be handled by the PMDC in relation to the acceptance of dental and medical students.

PMDC was replaced with PMC in the previous government

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) was abolished through an order issued by Dr. Arif Alvi, the former Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, opening the way for creating a brand new body called the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC).
The total number of employees from the council was ordered to quit the office for a week, according to officials from the NHS Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) that assumed control over PMDC. PMDC facility via its Islamabad district’s administration as well as the police.

Restoration of PMDC from PMC

Abdul Qadir Patel, Minister for National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination, praised the National Assembly for repealing two controversial legislations approved by the previous Tehreek-e-Insaf government (PTI). At the time of the enactment of the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) Act, 2023, the current Commission established pursuant to subsection four under the Pakistan Medical Commission Act, 2020, will be disbanded.
He stated that removing two lawful black statutes, including the Pakistan Medical Commission and the PIMS Act, was a positive move while addressing the procedure motion during the National Assembly. More than 55 percent of Sindh medical college seats remain empty due to the PMC Act 2020.

More than 18,000 students have decided to study medicine abroad. It was only a matter of time since the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences was created as a private entity according to the PIMS Act. According to the government’s approval, several preferred students were paid Rs. 1 million, Rs 2 million, and Rs 800,000. He said that the present administration was focused on showing efficiency and offering the best possible services to its citizens.

How to start Entry Test Preparation for MDCAT? offers information on the MDCAT Test preparation guide, admission test date, syllabus, previous questions PDF, solved MCQs preparation books PDF paper pattern, results in the merit list, and the final selection process.

PMC MDCAT New Syllabus

The expected Criteria for MDCAT to be conducted under PMDC are listed below.
1. Most likely, tests will be conducted at the end of October or early in November
2. Tests will be conducted in physically (Paper as well as a pencil)
3. Total MCQS 200.
4. Pattern for MCQs

Biology 80 English 20
Chemistry 60 Physics 40

5. No mark deduction for Improvers
6. The entire Fsc will count.
7. Tests will be based on the Whole provincial book.
8. To Register, you may register again for MDCAT 2023, conducted by Uhs, Nts Etea, etc.
9. No negative marks
10. The passing criteria is 50%.

Pakistan Medical & Dental Council

Since the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences was set up as a private organization in the PIMS Act, more than 18,000 students have decided to pursue their medical education in other countries than Pakistan.Department stated that some of his top students were awarded salaries in the amount of Rs 1 million or more, as well as Rs 2 million and even Rs 800,000 with approval from the federal government. PMDC added that the current administration is focused on improving that they could provide the best possible services for citizens.


To help you save time and energy To save your time and effort, I’ve provided the complete specifics regarding this PMC dissolved 2023 PMDC Bill in the previous articles. This is the brief outline discussed in the context of PMC dissolved in the 2023 PMDC Bill. The National Assembly of Pakistan has reinstated the power of PMDC. Currently, PMDC can change the entire situation to shift the responsibility from PMC to PMDC.

PMC Contact Info

Address: Mauve Area, G-10/4, Islamabad, Pakistan

UAN: 051 9190000 (For PMC Offices)

Call Center: 033-1100-6191 (For other queries)

Fax: +92-51-9106157

Email: [email protected]



Q: PMC is dissolved, what will be the MDCAT 2023 Syllabus?

Answer: Till the approval of the PMDC, the MDCAT 2023 syllabus is the same as the syllabus announced by the PMC. Students must begin their preparation based on the PMC syllabus of last year immediately.
However, should there be any changes after approval for PMDC creation, we will inform you of the latest syllabus as per the PMDC.

Q: Will PMDC conduct the MDCAT test at the Provincial or National levels?

Answer: PMDC will conduct the MDCAT 2023 at the provincial level. Within Punjab, UHS will take the MDCAT test. In KPK, Khyber University will administer the MDCAT test through ETEA. In the same way, every province will take their MDCAT exams.

Q: Will the Submitted fee be refundable after the establishment of PMDC?

 Answer: National Assembly has clarified that following the approval and the establishment of the PMDC, all right, property, cash bank accounts, as well as other bank accounts. They are transferred to PMDC. Therefore, you will not have been paid the fees a second time after the PMDC establishment has been established. Therefore, your fees, as well as your documents, will be secure.

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