Physics 2nd Year Paper Scheme 2023 By Punjab Board Check Online

Do you want to know your hands on the Physics 2nd Year Paper Scheme 2023 ? From this page, you can find the complete information. We have included the complete scheme for pairing papers below. Students will be familiar with how to write using the paper layout provided. In addition the scheme for pairing gives information about the nature of the questions and other pertinent information.

So, it is possible to say that by studying the scheme of papers for an area, you’ll be able to get the complete outline of the exam format. The two-year (12th class) English paper scheme 2023 is available for every one of the Punjab boards. Therefore, students from across Punjab are able to use the pair of papers scheme 2023 that is listed below.

Physics 2nd Year Paper Scheme

Apart from our pairing system, we’ve also added the most recent Physics online notes from chapters, Exercises, Numerical, as well as some other notes. You can also check the latest notes on Physics Notes by visiting our website.

Physics 2nd Year Paper Scheme 2023 By Punjab Board Check Online

No of Punjab Boards

There are 9 Education Boards in Punjab Students from these boards are able to use our Papering scheme.

  • Lahore Board
  • Rawalpindi Board
  • Faisalabad Board
  • Gujranwala Board
  • DG Khan Board
  • Bahawalpur Board
  • Sargodha Board
  • Sahiwal Board
  • Multan Board

Physics 12th Class (2nd Year) Paper Scheme 2023

Below is the full 12th-class physical science (Objective as well as Subjective) paper outline for 2023.

The exam consists of MCQs short and long questions. The Paper Scheme also contains the information on all the parts of the 12th Class Physics annual examinations.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

The MCQs will come from the chapters that follow in accordance with the prescribed pattern for Physics.

12th Class Physics Chapter No of MCQs
Chapter # 12 02
Chapter # 13 01
Chapter # 14 02
Chapter # 15 02
Chapter # 16 02
Chapter # 17 01
Chapter # 18 02
Chapter # 19 02
Chapter # 20 01
Chapter # 21 02

Short Questions

The list of short-form questions to be asked in this Physics paper is provided below.

12th Class Physics Chapter No of Questions
Chapter # 12 04
Chapter # 14 04
Chapter # 15 04


12th Class Physics Chapter No of Questions
Chapter # 13 03
Chapter # 16 03
Chapter # 17 03
Chapter # 18 03


12th Class Physics Chapter No of Questions
Chapter # 19 03
Chapter # 20 02
Chapter # 21 04

Long Questions

Take a look at the extensive long-length questions and paring scheme of Physics grade 12 below.

Question No 05 Chapter # 12 (A)
Chapter # 13 (B)
Question No 06 Chapter # 14 (A)
Chapter # 15 (B)
Question No 07 Chapter # 16 (A)
Chapter # 18 (B)
Question No 08 Chapter # 17 A
Chapter # 19 B
Question No 09 Chapter # 20 A
Chapter # 21 B

2nd Year Physics Paper Scheme 2023

As they prepare for the annual exam, most students find themselves in a worrying circumstance of which they can access the Physics 2nd Year Pairing scheme. However, the students are informed that they don’t have to be concerned about since they can access directly this Class 12th paper 2023 physics scheme via this site. 2nd year Physics matching scheme for 2023 Punjab board does not just assist students in the process of preparing for the exams, but also assists students on the content in the curriculum.

Scheme of Physics 2nd Year 2023

Candidates who are preparing to take exams for the twelveth grade annual examinations are advised to go through their 2nd-year physics scheme for 2023 and plan their examinations accordingly. The students can also have access to the paper schemes of other subjects in the 12th class, like the biology 12th grade paper scheme 12th class chemistry paper scheme, and many more. For more updates, stay connected with and get the most up-to-date information at all times.

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