Pakistan First Hybrid Skills Training Pilot Project in Punjab

Pakistan First Hybrid Skills Training is completed. Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) has completed a pilot program of the first of its kind skills training program using the hybrid learning model, in collaboration with Coursera with over 350 trainees being trained.

Following the successful completion of the initial batch of training for 380 participants in the areas of Professional Cook, Mobile Phone Repairing along with Hair and Beauty Service during the trial phase The PSDF will begin with the next batch of hybrid courses beginning on January 1st, 2023.

Pakistan First Hybrid Skills Training Pilot Project in Punjab

Coursera is the globe’s largest online learning platform. The courses were created internally by PSDF in Urdu and are accessible on Coursera along with content from other international institutions. It is expected that the PSDF is continuing to develop hybrid learning to cover other professions, based on the success of the trial of hybrid learning.

The training program is part of the PSDF E-year. The program’s goal is to provide an education that is of high quality and uniform to all learners and prepare the workforce of the nation to take advantage of the technological revolution that the global economy is experiencing.

Pakistan First Hybrid Skills Training

The hybrid learning model was developed by PSDF with a view to cost increases and also to benefit from the expanding digital connectivity in the nation. This hybrid model provides the most efficient, time-efficient, and cost-effective training solution for students.

It’s a blended-learning model that blends online theory-based learning with practical on-site skill training. Through using the hybrid model, students have access to online learning materials on Coursera which covers the theoretical aspect of their course. They also get the essential on-site training needed to gain hands-on experience within their chosen field. It is also a solution to the unique challenges that learners with online learning and provides the most interactive learning experience for those who are e-learning.

The hybrid learning approach allows students to complete their studies at their own speed, from the comfort of their own homes, and learn in the designated training service institute.

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