NEBP LHV Result 2023 1, 2, 3rd, and Final Years

Announcement of the nursing examination results is made at the end of each year. The examination starts in the summer. For each year, you can view the general nursing results in 1, 2, and 3 Rd NEBP LHV Result 2023. Candidates who are taking the exam can view their scores by subject. is the official website and Midwifery Examination Board, Punjab. NEBP Results 2022 Marksheet 1st 2nd 3rd Position Holder names are accessible through

On this page, you can search for people’s names or by the roll number. Review your General Nursing and Midwifery Results 2022 by entering your roll number and selecting the category you prefer from your drop-down menu. Participants who participated during the Examination Session can get specific results for the area they study. The ideal moment to verify your results is when you get an official notification from NEBP which is available on NEBP is organized in accordance with different categories. It will present your results from the initial year as well as the following year, the 3rd year, and finally the fourth year.

This page provides the st and rd year results of the nursing examination board Punjab. Position holders can view all the results online at Pakistan has a nursing examination board that conducts examinations. Exams are open to all provinces. It is the most significant institution that practices nursing.

NEBP LHV Result 2023

NEBP LHV Result 2023 Details Given Below

LHV Result 2023, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Years. You can search online by name or roll number for results. LHV General Nursing Midwifery, General Nursing Midwifery, General Nursing General Nursing NEBP results in 2023 1st year 2nd-year 3rd year and final results from Nursing Examination Board Punjab. To view your General Nursing and Midwifery results for 2023, you must enter your Roll Number. To view your NEBP results 2023, enter your roll number and select your category. Candidates participating in the Exam Session may view their complete results subject by subject.

NEBP LHV Result 2023 Nursing Exam

This Nursing Exams Result in 2023 can be downloaded and viewed by students.  provides the latest information on the Nursing Examination Board Punjab Results in 2023 for different programs.

 Keep in mind the NEBP 2023 results announcement and the most recent information! You can download your Nursing Exams Result in 2023 and view it online.

NEBP Result 2021 2022
Accident + Emergency Check Result
Anaesthesia Nursing Check Result
Bone Marrow Transplant Check Result
Burns Nursing Check Result
Community Midwives option Check Result
Coronary Care Unit (CCU) Check Result
Emergency And Critical Care Check Result
F.W.W PART I Check Result
F.W.W PART II Check Result
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Check Result
LPN PART I Check Result
LPN PART II Check Result
Nephron Urology Nursing Check Result
Neuro Nursing Check Result
Oncology Nursing Check Result
Operation Theatre Check Result
Ophthalmic Nursing Check Result
Pediatric Nursing Check Result
Peri-Operative Nursing Check Result
Psychiatric Nursing Check Result
Rehabilitation Check Result Result 2023 is the main site for the NEBP because it is the only official organization that will conduct all examinations for Punjab along with its territories of Islamabad as well as AJK so this is the reason you have to keep checking this website so that when the official announcements are made information about the Punjab Nursing Examination NEBP Results 2023 and you’ll be able to access the result from us. Keep an eye on this website to get the most recent information regarding education. We wish you all the best and if you require to know more, put your query in the comment box below. check also Azra Naheed Medical College Merit List 2023 1st 2nd And 3rd Pdf Download.

LHV3 Result 2023

Anybody participating in the Examination Session can view their exam results. Nursing Exams Result in 2023 can be downloaded and viewed by students.  provides the latest information on Nursing Examination Board Punjab Result 2023 for different programs. We also provide current details about General Nursing and Midwifery, Student Midwifery, and Community Midwives (PBN). Remember to keep an eye on the NEBP 2023 Results Release and the most current information!

Nursing examination board Punjab result 2023

The Board of Nursing administered all General Nursing Exams in March and April. You can now access the official website to view the results. The results from the Punjab Nursing Examination Board have been released.

General nursing result 2023

Today will see the results for all Nursing Diploma categories. Keep checking this site for the latest developments.

NEBP Results 2023 Online

Every year, in March or September, March or September between March/September and March/September, the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for nurses is held. Announcement about the results of these courses. Here is a listing of requirements for each Nursing course.

Checking NEBP Results 2023 Online

It is the best place to find out about Punjab’s results for nursing tests online. It is the official website of the Nursing Examinations Board of Punjab.

NEBP Results 2023 Midwives

You should bookmark this page to access the results in 2023 as soon as it becomes available through the Board.

Nursing examination board Punjab result 2023

Keep checking the NEBP 2023 results and the most recent information to stay informed! The Board of Nursing administered all General Nursing Exams between March and April. The Board’s website contains this information. The results of the Punjab Lahore Nursing Examination Board’s annual examinations have been released.

NEBP Results 2023 Online

These courses have their results. Below is a breakdown of the prerequisites for each Nursing course. If you are looking for Punjab’s results online, it is the place to go. It is the only trusted body that conducts these Nursing Examinations in Punjab, Islamabad, and AJK. is the official website of the Nursing Examinations Board of Punjab.

Institutions. The list also includes online classes and courses.

Distance learning online. The majority of the information is identical to other programs. Several universities and schools also offer online and remote learning courses.

NEBP Nursing Exams Results in 2023

Online courses and classes are also available. Most of the coursework will be offered via three methods: online courses, distance learning, and online. Private exams are not included. For more information on these courses, please see the section on Examinations.

NEBP Contact Info

Address: Nursing Examination Board, Punjab 24 Cooper Road, Lahore.

Ph. +92 (42) 99203471 +92 (42) 99200964 +92 (42) 99203471



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