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Pay scales for newly appointed government employees in the form of Naib Qasid within Federal, Punjab, Sindh Kpk, and Balochistan Governments is the following pay packages. Naib Qasid Salary In Pakistan (bps-01) (bps-03) (bps-03) for FIA, Punjab Police, school, nab, GHQ, Punjab assembly, mofa, and cda. Also, fbr, supreme high court/high court of Pakistan, Department of Health, education ministry of Defense the Nadra, and the salary of the session court Naib Qasid’s duties and duties in and also jobs for the city of Lahore Karachi Islamabad Rawalpindi Multan and all government departments wapda, fbr, nab, ca police department for education and more. Complete details for applying.

Naib Qasid Salary In Pakistan Revised Pay Scale 2024

1 2023 11720 380 23120
2 2023 11950 430 24850
3 2023 13340 510 27640
4 2023 12710 580 30100
5 2023 13180 650 32680
6 2023 13280 730 35180
7 2023 14110 800 38110
8 2023 16610 880 14010
9 2023 15110 950 43610
10 2023 15610 1040 46810
11 2023 16140 1150 50640
12 2023 17100 1250 54600
13 2023 18310 1370 59410
14 2023 19490 1530 65390
15 2023 20700 1730 72600
16 2023 24280 1980 83680
17 2023 38990 2990 98790
18 2023 49210 3740 124010
19 2023 75990 3970 155390
20 2023 88650 5870 170830
21 2023 76720 5000 146720
22 2023 82380 5870 164560

It is also a part of the course of their work. everyday cleaning of the office, meeting rooms, and sitting room in the institution is the responsibility of this job. The bringing of lunch and other items that are delivered by the bazaar is his responsibility, which takes a lot of time and work is difficult for women.

Duties and Responsibilities of Naib Qasid

  • Carrying and Delivering Documents: Naib Qasids are responsible for safely transporting official papers and files from one place to another, both within and outside the office premises. They ensure the timely and accurate delivery of important documents.
  • Office Management: Naib Qasids are akin to office managers and take care of various tasks such as maintaining the cleanliness of office furniture, including chairs and tables, and keeping records and equipment organized. They also ensure the cleanliness of the office kitchen and common areas, including the lunchroom.
  • Postal Services: Naib Qasids handles the posting of letters and depositing office utility bills in banks. They are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that all postal communications are sent and received promptly.
  • Hospitality Services: Naib Qasids serve as hosts when guests visit the office. They greet visitors, guide them to the waiting room, and arrange appointments at appropriate times. Additionally, they are responsible for making and serving tea and coffee to guests, staff members, and other employees.
  • Communication and Courier Services: Naib Qasids facilitate internal communication within the office. They handle the delivery of “Dak” (official mail) between local offices and within the office itself. Moreover, they efficiently manage the movement of files from one office table to another.
  • Legal Documentation: Naib Qasids play a crucial role in delivering legal notices and letters to the concerned individuals or offices. They ensure that all legal correspondence is promptly and accurately delivered.
  • Assisting in Office Tasks: Naib Qasids provide support in various office tasks, such as photocopying documents, arranging meetings and workshops, and assisting in other administrative duties as required. They contribute to the smooth functioning of the office environment.
  • Stock Management: Naib Qasids are responsible for maintaining adequate supplies of essential items such as toilet tissue, hand towels, facial tissues, and hand soap. They ensure that these supplies are always available to meet the needs of the office staff and visitors.
  • Availability and Commitment: Naib Qasids are required to stay in the office premises until the office working hours are complete. Their presence ensures that all necessary tasks are attended to and that the office operations continue without any disruption.
  • Other Related Duties: Naib Qasids may be assigned additional responsibilities.


Q: What is Naib Qasid duty?
A: Naib Qasid is a job role in Pakistan typically associated with providing general support and assistance in an organization or office. Their duties may include tasks such as handling correspondence, running errands, maintaining cleanliness, and performing administrative tasks as assigned.

Q: What is the salary of BPS 1 in Pakistan?
A: The salary of BPS 1 in Pakistan varies depending on the organization and sector. However, as of the current information available, the approximate starting salary for BPS 1 employees in Pakistan ranges from PKR 18,000 to PKR 20,000 per month.

Q: What is the salary in Pakistan 2024?
A: The salary in Pakistan for 2024 is subject to various factors such as inflation, economic conditions, and government policies. It is challenging to provide an accurate salary figure for the entire country as salaries vary across industries, job positions, and geographical locations. It is recommended to refer to job market surveys, salary scales in specific sectors, and consult with human resources professionals for the most up-to-date salary information.

Q: What is the grade of BPS in Pakistan?
A: BPS (Basic Pay Scale) is a pay scale system used in Pakistan to determine the salary structure for government employees. The BPS system consists of various grades, ranging from BPS 1 to BPS 22, with BPS 1 being the lowest grade and BPS 22 being the highest. Each grade corresponds to specific job positions and carries a different salary range based on the responsibilities and seniority associated with the position.

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