K-Electric Unit Rate List Karachi 2023 Check Online

Karachi, Pakistan’s sole electricity supplier, K-Electric, has been providing power to the city for more than a century. Residents of Karachi are concerned about K-Electric Unit Rate List Karachi 2023.

Domestic connections have electricity rates ranging from PKR 2 to PKR 25 per unit. Commercial, industrial, and agricultural connections, however, have higher rates. Energy costs have increased as a result of Ishaq Dar’s Finance Bill 2023’s general sales tax increase from 17 percent to 18 percent, and electricity prices are anticipated to rise in the near future. There are unit slabs against which the cost varies for electricity, and prices vary depending on the quantity consumed.

K-Electric Unit Rate List Karachi 2023

The 2023 tariff structure for K-Electric includes a fixed monthly charge and a variable charge based on electricity consumption. PKR 190 is the fixed fee for a single-phase connection, and PKR 405 is the fixed fee for a three-phase connection. The variable charge is computed using the unit rate and the amount of electricity used.

K-Electric Unit Rate List Karachi

Consumers will be affected and will have to pay more for electricity in 2023 than they did in 2022 as a result of the revised unit rates. The effects of the higher prices will vary depending on how much electricity consumers use. The least affected are those who use less than 50 kWh per month, and the most affected are those who use more than 700 kWh per month.

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K-Electric Unit Rate List with Price

The unit rates for domestic and commercial connections from K-Electric for 2023 are shown in the following table.

Connection Type Unit Rate (PKR/kWh) Updated Price as of March 30, 2023
Domestic (Below 50 units) 3.50
Domestic (1-100 units) 7.70
Domestic (101-200 units) 10.20
Domestic (201-300 units) 12.60
Domestic (301-700 units) 21.52
Domestic (Above 700 units) 24.73
Commercial (Less than 5 kW load) 20.80 March 30, 2023
Commercial (More than 5 kW load) 24.26 March 30, 2023

With the exception of lifeline, all consumer categories are subject to an additional FC Surcharge of PKR 0.43/kWh and an NJ Surcharge of PKR 0.10/kWh.

The International Monetary Fund has advised the government of Pakistan to raise the price of an electricity unit by PKR 3, according to news reports from Nepra in March 2023. For electricity users, Nepra has approved an extra surcharge of PKR 3.39 per unit, which will be collected from the general public from March to June.

Consumers currently pay a surcharge of PKR 0.43 per unit; after the increase, the total surcharge will be PKR 3.82 per unit. Upon the federal government’s request, Nepra made a decision that this surcharge would also be applied to electric customers. This surcharge will be decreased to PKR 1.43 for the following fiscal year.

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