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Join Punjab Police

Join Punjab Police

This page will explain how to Join Punjab Police as ASP, DSP, ASI & Sub Inspector 2023. Punjab Police has its repute in Pakistan because of its improvements throughout its entire spectrum and is producing new police forces each year. It recruits physically fit and skilled personnel to fight Terrorist activities in Punjab. Recently, the Government of Punjab has been authorized to hire new personnel in Punjab Police and the force is referred to as “Dolphin Force. “Dolphin Force” is highly-equipped and technically skilled.

Why Should You Join Punjab Police Department

Many of us want to work in Punjab Police from designation starting with ASI to ASI because when we get chosen as ASI we will be able to increase our scale every year in line with our abilities. After ASI we move on to a Sub Inspector Post, then to Inspector Post, and so on. To be eligible for ASI or Sub Inspector, we need to successfully pass the PPSC examinations that it conducts following the announcement of a job. For Inspector and higher ranks you must pass the PMS examinations which are run through the PPSC.

The entire process is dependent on merit, and only qualified and competent candidates are allowed to apply for an interview. In order to be a part of the Punjab Police for the following posts, There are certain requirements and field joining requirements that we will discuss in the following step-by-step. Here are the guidelines for will be required to become a member of in the Police Department in below mentioned;

Eligibility Criteria For The Job Of ASP Punjab Police

The abbreviation ASP is for The word “ASP” stands for Additional Supervisor of Police. The term “ASP” refers to the Additional Superintendent of Police. ASP is chosen by the Federal Public Service Commission which is the top-level body that is connected to the Central Superior Commission of a federal scale that conducts examinations to determine the posts that fall under 17 grade. In order to join the Police department as ASP candidates must possess a degree of graduation and CSS completed an exam that is essential for the 17th-grade post. If a candidate is successful in passing the CSS exam, the candidate will be sent for instruction and, after that which he will be able to be accepted into the police force with the rank of ASP and begin doing the job.

Eligibility Criteria To Join Punjab Police as a DSP:

The abbreviation DSP is for DSP, which stands for Deputy Superintendent of Police within the Police department. The criteria to be selected for DSP is similar to that those of ASP as well. DSP is also chosen by the Federal Public Service Commission and must be able to pass an exam administered by the Central Service Commission and after passing the test competitively, training is provided, and following receiving the required training, one is eligible to become a member of this department.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Job as an ASI In Police:

The abbreviation ASI means Assistant Sub Inspector and is with a BPS scale 09 within the Police department. The ASI is chosen through the Federal Public Service Commission. The requirements for gaining admission to this field is education intermediate standard, height must be at least 5’6 inches in height and maximum age is between 18 and 25 years old.

The criteria for selection comprises four steps, which are written test, interview, medical fitness, and at the final stage, the candidates undergo training in order to be taught the duties of the job. Upon it is complete, they are qualified to be a part of the Police department.

Eligibility to Get Job In Punjab Police as a Sub Inspector

The eligibility requirement for joining Punjab Police as Sub Inspector requires graduation from a recognized university with a second division. The BPS scale of 14 is applied to this position. The applicant’s age must be 20-25 and upwards. The applicant’s domicile must be in the district in which it is located.

Physical Eligibility to Join as a Sub Inspector

Males’ height should be at least 5′ 7″. For females, the height is 5’2 inches. The chest size for males only should be between 33 and 34.5 inches. The visual distance is supposed to be 6-9 for females and males wearing glasses or not. It is essential for the candidate applying to include a medical fitness report with all the necessary documents. The report must be in writing if there is any impairment found, the application form will be rejected by the department. Prior to joining the field test, it is administered through the Police department, which includes various types of tests.

How To Pass Test To Get Police Jobs In Punjab:

General Knowledge test where Current Affairs, Islamic Studies, Everyday Science, Ethics, Analogies, Similarities, Relationship concepts, as well as Arithmetical problem-solving and questions are covered. After this test Quantitative/Computer test is given which includes Computer skills, Decimals, Fractions, Square roots, Averages, Profit loss sums, and percentages are included to judge the quantitative ability of the candidate and its mental skill approach. This test covers fundamental information on hardware, software, mailers, and information about the internet.

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