Jobs in Police Investigation Departments CTD Special Branch

Criminal Investigation Jobs:

Jobs in Police Investigation Departments are actually the highest-paid jobs in the police sector of Pakistan. Jobs In CTD e.g counter-terrorism department jobs are charming for the fresh candidates.

Criminal Investigation Jobs:

Jobs in Counter-Terrorism Branch CTD Jobs:

The other is the Counter-Terrorism Branch: This branch has two main wings. One wing is focused on the investigation of criminal acts such as fraud, currency counterfeiting professional fraud, crimes that have inter-provincial and district implications; while the other part is concerned with the investigation of cases involving terrorism. According to a top police official from Sindh the primary principal focus of CIDs in all four provinces is on counter-terrorism operations, investigations of terrorism cases, as well as intelligence tasks that are related to terrorists. CIDs are the central liaison point between international and federal agencies when it comes to terrorists. In the process, CID branches have gained an important role.

Jobs in Police Investigation Branch:

A branch is an investigation unit for the police force of provincial jurisdiction. It has two wings, Crime, and Investigation – each led by an DIG. This Crime Wing includes the Provincial Criminal Record Office and the Fingerprint Bureau, the Monitoring Section and the Press Section, the Anti-Terrorism (Monitoring) Cell, and the Statistical Office. The Investigation Wing consists of six Superintendents of Police and their investigation panels comprised of Assistant/Deputy Chiefs of Police. It is also the main organization responsible for the collection of crime statistics across the province. It reviews the data it collects and publishes reports regarding the frequency, incidence, and prosecution of criminals (especially when it comes to terrorism cases). Additionally, it conducts investigations assigned with Investigators in the Investigation Branch after a second chance in the investigation is deemed necessary from the IGP. The changes are made by a standing committee that includes two members: the DIG (Crime) as well as two Superintendents of Police assigned in the Investigative Branch.55

Special Branch Police Jobs:

The branch collects, collates, and disseminates intelligence. Its primary task is to oversee the activities of people or groups that are regarded as subversive. Its tasks typically comprise:

collecting, collation, and dissemination of information regarding the political and social situation in a particular province, as with information on issues relating in law enforcement and security

keeping track of the records of or other active people;

Checking Exit Control Lists for officials;

VIP security

conducting a thorough inspection of key points, and verifying the antecedents and background of government employees as well as checking the antecedents of private inspection of key points, and verification of the antecedents of private agencies, and sponsors and visa holders Indian citizens and applicants of Pakistani nationality.

The responsibilities and obligations that are the responsibility of Police

The police’s responsibilities as stated by the Police Act of 1861 were relatively simple and straightforward:

Follow and comply with all instructions and warrants issued by any authority;

Gather and transmit information that impacts the peace of the public.

to prevent the commission of offenses as well as public disturbances.

identify and bring offenders before the law; and apprehend anyone police are legally authorized to apprehend, and for an apprehending that has a reasonable basis.

Women Jobs in Police Investigation Departments:

The past has shown that women working in Pakistan police have enjoyed a limited influence. From the time of when it was the British Raj, recruitment of women into the police force was extremely uncommon. For example, seven female constables on temporary contracts and Head Constables were enlisted for a brief time in 1939, to assist against female agitators part of a farmer’s protest in Punjab. The number of female police officers did not increase significantly until 1952 when 25 Constables Two Head Constables and an ASI were enlisted.


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