HEC Halted Admission In ISRA University 2023 At All Campuses

Admission to all disciplines at Isra University Hyderabad has been halted by the Higher Education Commission Islamabad. Sub-campuses in Islamabad, Karachi, and Islamabad have also been halted. HEC issued a student alert and advised students to not apply for admission to any program offered at Isra University in Hyderabad, Islamabad, or Karachi.

About ISRA University

The university is owned and managed by Isra Islamic Foundation. This non-profit organization has been certified by the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy. A team of dedicated professionals manages the University. HEC placed it in the W category, which is the highest ranking for private universities. The main campus is located in Hyderabad, with additional campuses in Karachi (Islamabad) and Islamabad. These beautiful and easily accessible campuses offer services that foster learning and intellectual growth.

HEC Halted Admission 2023 In ISRA University At All Campuses Alert

HEC Halted Admission 2023 In ISRA University At All Campuses Alert

This alert mentions that it applies to all medical-related disciplines offered at the university via any affiliated or constituent college. The Fall 2023 session will see no admission to Isra University. HEC will not recognize the degrees of students who enroll in any program offered by the university, including MBBS or BDS starting Fall 2023.

It is important to note that University admissions have been halted and that the university has not been declared illegal. Admission may resume once the university meets the HEC requirements. Students must wait for announcements from HEC to be admitted to the university.

This decision applies to all admissions, including those in medical colleges, at the principal seat in Hyderabad and Karachi. It is valid until the end of the current crisis.

This decision was made by the HEC to safeguard the future of thousands and prevent students from wasting precious financial resources.

Students are warned by the HEC not to accept admissions into fake or illegal universities. The HEC regularly updates this list on its website.

Any university not on the HEC-recognized list should be considered fake, illegal and unrecognized.

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