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NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is an organization in Pakistan that is responsible for maintaining the national database of citizens, issuing identity cards, and providing various related services. As you mentioned, NADRA has implemented an SMS service to allow individuals to track the status of their identity card applications. Check Online NADRA Tracking ID by SMS.

For example, if your tracking number is 123456789000, you would send a message containing only the tracking number (without any additional text) to 8400.

By sending the SMS to 8400, you will receive a response that provides the current status of your identity card application. This allows you to stay updated on the progress of your application without the need to travel or visit a NADRA office.

Check Online NADRA Tracking ID

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) provides several services to the citizens of Pakistan related to monitoring and managing their ID cards. If someone loses their ID card, they can visit the NADRA website to search for it. Additionally, NADRA sends an SMS to the individual’s mobile number, which helps them locate their ID card.

NADRA also offers ID card verification services to the general public. This service allows individuals or businesses to verify the authenticity and validity of an ID card. This is particularly important for businesses as they recognize the significance of having a reliable identification system in place.

NADRA’s primary mission is to oversee government databases and manage the registration databases of Pakistani citizens. They prioritize the security and safety of the public by ensuring that identity information is kept confidential and secure

Check Online NADRA Tracking ID by SMS


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  • Similar to what we’ve seen with identification tracking, the NADRA CNIC Verification System works by using SMS. Whatever mobile connection you use in Pakistan, it is possible to use this method. That is how to confirm your CNIC via SMS.
  • In the first step, you have to open the text message window.
  • Enter the CNIC number that you want to confirm.
  • Your message sends to 7000.
  • There is a possibility of being charged a Tax of PKR 10 for Nadra Clinic record verification via SMS.
  • If you respond to the message you sent, you’ll be able to see the name of the owner of the CNIC and the father’s name. That is the way to confirm your CNIC by SMS.

How do I monitor NADRA CNIC using Online Website Verification?

  • The first step in this regard is to sign-up with the NADRA web portal. If you’re not sure how to register an account with NADRA online, Follow these steps to complete:
  • Open your Webpage and type:
  • Click on ‘Create a Create a New Account. Fill in your details on an online registration form.
  • Input the additional details. It is the only way you register an account on NADRA online portal. NADRA on the internet and verify NADRA CNIC records in Pakistan.
  • Once you’ve filled in all data and received a confirmation message that includes a verification number you need to input in the process, this will verify your account through the e-portal for NADRA.
  • Once you’ve verified the authenticity of your account, you’ll be able to sign in and utilize NADRA Online services.

How To Check NADRA ID Card Status by Portal

  • First, you must register an account on the NADRA Official Portal. If there is already an account, you can skip the next step.
  • Now, go to the PAK Identity Portal.
  • After that, sign in using your email and password in the mandatory field.
  • You’ll see the CNIC/NICOP option in the next section. Select “Apply Now” under the heading CNIC/NICOP to see your application status.
  • Select”Existing Applications” in the top left corner. The “Existing Applications” option is located in the upper left corner.
  • You can also check your CNIC app status by clicking “Tracking ID.”
  • Notification: Pakistan Origin Card (POC) and National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) holders can also monitor their application status using similar methods.

How To Check ID Card Status Via SMS

  • NADRA assists mobile phone users with SMS-based solutions for virtually everything. It allows users to check and access NADRA within their homes. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to verify ID card status using SMS:
  • Use your messaging app for your phone.
  • SMS Your App Tracking Identification at 8400.
  • Within a few hours, you’ll receive an email from NADRA with all information about the status of your applications to CNIC will be provided.

SMS Tracking and Verification Number of Nadra

  • 8300
  • 8400
  • 8500
  • 7000
  • 9777
  • 9888

Election System Verification 8300

The four digits link you with the Pakistan Election Commission. You can check your “voter record” via sending your CNIC (ID card) number with no the hyphen (-) to 8300 at no cost. This SMS verification service is usually very useful during the period of elections in Pakistan.

CNIC & B-form Tracking 8400

If we want to renew or apply for a new copy of the B-form (also known as CNIC within Pakistan, then we must wait for the official period for the normal fee and urgent fees. The most acceptable option is an SMS service that operates daily for people.

Check (inquire) whether their “B-form or CNIC” is in good condition or not. When we need to apply for a new credit card in Nadra, the officials will issue us the token. All you need to do is transmit the 12 digits of your token to 8400 and determine if your card is accepted or not. We’ve provided the complete structure of SMS examples for you to follow:

Sehat Sahulat Program Check 8500

You can determine if you qualify to participate in the Sehat Sahulat Program or not by using the Nadra 8500 text service.

Watan Card Verification 9888

Villagers were affected by the destruction caused by floods in Pakistan. They can receive financial aid through the government’s Watan Card. You must verify your eligibility by forwarding your CNIC (ID card) number to 9888. You can get your Nadra Certificate of Vaccination by clicking here.

SMS Check Service Price

Each service comes with a fixed price set by the government that is taken from customers’ accounts who use the service to send SMS. Keep in mind that some of them are free, but mainly cost taxes of 10 rupees as an amount that is a fee for a government check.

How to Check CNIC Number Bio Data

  • NADRA has provided two options to get the full Bio Information on CNIC Owner.

First Method:

  • Go to your mobile Text (Message):
  • Write your CNIC Number and send the text message (Massage) at 8300/-. Nadra will send you CNIC Owner’s Information, home address, and location via SMS.

Second Method:

  • Nadra will charge (Rs. 10) Pakistan Rupees in this manner.
  • Sample Go back to Mobile Message Service and write ID Card Number, then send it to 7000. After a few minutes, Nadra will contact you with the information of National Identity Card Information.

How can I verify your NIC state?

Check out the CNIC/NICOP identification document. After that, you can fill out this online registration form. Following that, you must follow the screen instructions. The cardholders are offered a range of rewards and privileges.

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