AI Tutors For Students In UAE 2023 Details

The Education Minister of the UAE, Ahmed Belhoul Al Falasi has announced the idea to launch an AI-powered tutor across the country, in partnership with the top tech companies in the world.

AI Tutors For Students In UAE 2023 Details

In his address at the World Government Summit 2023 in Dubai, The Education Minister said in his speech that the Ministry of Education (MoE) will collaborate together with Microsoft, OpenAI, and other tech companies to utilize AI to improve the quality of education and learning.

What is an AI Tutor?

AI tutors are made to provide individualized academic help for students. A few of the sought-after types that make use of AI tutors are digital AI avatars that act as narrators during video classes. They are in the course throughout the course, ensuring that students do not just learn, but engage with the content in an engaging and personal manner.

Avatars are becoming more commonplace due to their ability for users to interact with the digital world and with other people in a real-time and dynamic manner. AI avatars could provide customers with an excellent experience by making use of speech recognition and face recognition which is in contrast to the conventional avatar software that talks. Video avatars could also assist businesses as well as online schools by boosting revenues, improving customer service, and decreasing expenses for support.

To increase the amount of engagement from viewers, create a talking avatar on your online school, website as well as your online video course. You can become more acquainted with the desires and needs of your audience using a creator of talking avatars. In addition, by making use of AI avatars in your marketing campaigns, you can be able to target specific groups of people. In addition, analytics can be employed to measure and increase the engagement of avatars.

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AI Tutors For Students In UAE 2023 Details

MoE will examine the educational system, from the syllabus to execution, in order to identify areas in which areas AI tools could be integrated. Al Falasi further remarked that this new type of tutor will improve the learning experience of students and provide instant feedback and will make learning more interactive.

He said that UAE is dedicated to improving the quality of education as well as giving students the tools they require in an ever-changing world.

It is interesting to note that the Education Minister made an e-mail generated by ChatGPT during the summit, despite his communications team’s request not to make such a speech. The minister said, “Don’t demonize AI as it will become an element of our everyday lives. That’s why I insist that I utilize AI to prove that it can give an impressive speech.”

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