40000 Prize Bond List Multan Draw 24 Result 10 March 2023

You can check the 40000 Prize Bond List Multan Draw 24 Result 10 March 2023  through this page. The National Savings division will announce the number 24 of the 40000 draws at Multan on 10 March 2023. You can view all the previous draw results for 2023 here. The complete schedule for the 40,000 prize bond 2023 is available here. Multan will host 24 prize bond draws of Rs 40000 on 10/03/2023. The value of the Rs 40000 Prize Bond 1st Prize is Rs 75,000,000PKR, Rs 25,000,000PKR, and Rs 500,000PKR. According to National Savings representatives, the third prize is Rs 500,000PKR. You can quickly draw 24 prize bonds worth Rs 40000 on this page. The winners of these prize bond numbers are listed here.

40000 Prize Bond List Multan Draw 24 Result

The lucky draw Premium 40000 Prize bond List 03/10/2023 will award the highest prizes. We are happy to share with you the most recent result of the National Savings of Pakistan, which was published on 10/03/23 for all Pakistanis. For the first prize of Rs., the Premium 40000 rs bonds are now available. 80,000,000 (Rupee 8 Crore), which is a huge sum equal to the 80 million a man can’t make in his entire life working for a business or job, and the Second Prize is Rs. The third prize, Rs. 3 crores (Rupee 30,000,000) is also available. It’s a large cash award that goes to the three most fortunate people and the final Third Prize of Rs. Each person receives 500,000 (Rupee 5 Lac).

40000 Prize Bond List Multan Draw 24 Result 10 March 2023

40000 Prize Bond List Multan Draw 24 Result 10 March 2023

Rs 40000 Prize Bond List Multan March 2023

The only bank that manages the entire amount of money is the State Bank of Pakistan. It distributes it to the first, second, and third prize winners of this lottery scheme of money making. Our team has uploaded the 40000 rupees. Prize Bond Full List March 2023. Recently, the Central Directorate of Government launched the Premium 40000 Prize Bond. This is a new prize bond that can be purchased at both individual and corporate levels at any bank in the country.

Check Draw Prize Bond List 2023

List No of Prizes Winning Amount Prizes
Prize Bond RS. 40000 1 75,000,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 40000 3 25,000,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 40000 1696 500,000 3rd Prize

Premium 40000 Draw Result 2023

Manager and obtain the personal bond number. Every draw is checked online after three months. The interest rate is 1.5 % each year. This continues until you are able to complete your bond. Download your 40000 Premium Price Bond Schedule 2023-2024 online without any problems. The office is only open seven days per week. Saturday and Sunday are closed. Friday is from 03:00 to 02:30 PM and Friday is from 03:00 to 03:30 PM. For more information about each district’s toll-free phone numbers, visit this webpage.

40000 Prize Bond Draw List 2023

Live telecasting of the premium 40000 Prize Bond List Multan Draw 24 Result List Kohe Noor TV live offering the transmission for an audience view from television. Millions of people love the prize bonds as this is a fantastic and great scheme, especially for the low-income. The lucky draw is therefore very exclusive as a lot of people are interested in him. It was held three months ago due to the entire population demand in different provinces and regions. It was then given to various individuals a chance at becoming millionaires through the lottery scheme.

40000 rupees. Prize Bond Full List March 2023

Do you want to see the registered draw result of the State Bank of Pakistan’s Premium P40000 Prize Bond List Multan Draw 24 Result The Premium Prize Bond, Rs.40000/- is the highest-worth bond and is not available in paper form. Premium Prize Bonds (Registered Scheme) are extremely simple. It can be understood easily from the 2023 prize bond schedule and one draw result. These bonds can be purchased at designated banks or SBP branches. Check the Rs 25,000 Prize Bond Draw Result 2023 here.

The buyers receive the number and the draw schedule, just like other bonds, is issued at year’s end. The first draw is held in the second week of the third month. The first prize amount for the bond is Rs. The first prize amount is Rs. 80,000,000. This is for only one winner. The second prize money amount will be Rs.30,000,000 and it will go to three winners.

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