25000 Premium Prize Bond 9 Hyderabad Result 10 March 2023

You can check the 25000 premium Prize Bond List Draw 9 Hyderabad Result 10 March 2023 through this page.The draw result has been announced you can check here. The 9 prize bond draws of Rs 25000 will take place in Hyderabad on 10/03/2023. The representative from National Savings stated that the value of the Rs 25000 Prize Bond 1st Prize is Rs 50,000,000, Rs 15,000,000 PKR, and Rs 312,000 PKR. You can check draw 9 of the Rs 250000 prize bond here easily. The winners of these prize bond numbers will be listed below. A large number of people in every country are buying prize bonds for their mayor and trying to make it better through this government scheme. This era of life is all about chasing other people to become the richest man on the planet. The administration of our country has created this system of money for everyone.

25000 premium Prize Bond List Draw Result 2023

Online, you can view the Draw #9 25000 premium Rs Prize Bond List results. Lucky Draw No. 9 Balloting 9 of Rs. 25000 premium prize bond held in Hyderabad on 10th March 2023. Check out the full Rs. denomination list. 25000 premium prize bond, from the first draw to the latest draw on our official website. The results of the 25000 premium prize bonds list as of 10 March 2023 can be viewed online. The balloting takes place at the state bank for the 25000 premium Rs. The prize bonds’ 1st prize is the 25000 premium Rs. The Prize bond of PRK in value is awarded to one lucky winner. Second prize of a 25000 premium prize bond amount Rs. Lucky winners will receive the prize bond of PRK. Winners of the Rs. 25000 premium bonds are eligible for the third and final prize. /- each.

25000 Premium Prize Bond 9 Hyderabad Result 10 March 2023

25000 Premium Prize Bond 9 Hyderabad Result 10 March 2023

Rs 25000 Premium Prize Bond Hyderabad Result 2023

Other western countries have their money projects, especially for the poor. The autonomous body of PK is now running very well under the supervision and control of the Pakistani state bank. Our nation is weaker than other developed countries. There is only one way to make the poor natives stronger at the individual level, which is achieved through the Pakistani national assembly members. This was the only plan by the top officials to provide benefits to the privileged. You can find online the details of all prize bonds issued by National Savings of Pakistan here.

Check the Draw Result of 25000 Prize Bond 2023

LIST NO No of Prizes Winning Amount Prizes
Prize Bond RS. 25000/ 1 50,000,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 25000/ 3 15,000,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 25000 1696 312,000 3rd Prize

Lucky Draw No. 9 Balloting 9 of Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Result 2023

You can now see the details of Prize Bond Rs 25000 prizes. The 50,000,000 (Five Crore Rupee equal to 50 Million) cash prize is available to one lucky man worldwide. Two prizes of Rs. 15,000,000 (One Crore Fiveteen Lakh Equal To 15 Million Rupees) cash prizes are awarded to every 10 people in the National Savings of Pakistan. The third prize of Rs. 310,000 (Three lakh Twelve thousand Rupees) was awarded to the 1696 most fortunate persons in Pakistan by the National Savings of Pakistan. you can also visit our Today Jobs section for the latest jobs in Pakistan.

Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Bond Draw 10 March 2023

The Central Directorate of Government started it for the residents of our kingdom. Anyone can buy it from shopkeepers and bazaars. Now you can win prizes only from the National Bank of Pakistan. All branches can be found in the provinces of Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan. Our post is updated daily by people who visit it every day to get the most recent information about Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Bond Draw 10 March 2023 has been confirmed in Hyderabad. Thousands of people are still waiting for the #09 prize bond draw. The entire population is eagerly searching this webpage for the complete list of 25000 prize bonds list March 2023.

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